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The objective for Naviate Outdoor Area, particularly in the early design stage, is to ensure the creation of high-quality outdoor spaces. Various elements, such as vegetation, adequate space, sunny areas, low noise zones, children's play areas, and distance from buildings, need to be considered when evaluating the quality of an outdoor space.

The initial version of the outdoor area extension in Autodesk® Forma® is designed to meet specific requirements for sunlight exposure, noise reduction, and terrain slope. This extension will assess site limitations and determine whether the available outdoor space meets targets for area size, sunlight exposure, noise levels, and terrain slope.

With Naviate Outdoor Area, an extension to Forma, high-quality outdoor areas can be created for residents by conducting analyses in the early phases of building planning.


Create high-quality outdoor areas:

Indeed, the quality of outdoor areas significantly contributes to the overall well-being of individuals. With Naviate Outdoor Area, you're equipped to analyze crucial elements of your project's outdoor spaces from the very initial phase of development. The strategic placement of buildings within the landscape, and their relation to factors such as sunlight, noise, and terrain, can greatly enhance the desirability of the final project. By making informed decisions from the beginning, you're able to ensure a more successful outcome.


What makes a good outdoor space?

A high-quality outdoor space typically includes elements such as vegetation, ample room for movement, sunny areas, low-noise zones, safe play areas for children, and sufficient distance from buildings to provide a sense of openness and freedom. It's important to note that regulations can vary across different regions and municipalities. The beta version of Naviate Outdoor Area prioritizes analysis that ensures adherence to standards for space, sunlight exposure, and noise levels. This focus assists in meeting regional requirements and creating spaces that promote well-being and enjoyment.


What is Achieved with Outdoor Area:

Naviate Outdoor Area provides a comprehensive view of the designated building site, taking into account factors such as sun exposure, noise levels, and terrain steepness. As more data is incorporated into the model, the results become visible in the project's Outdoor Area status bar. This feature offers a complete overview and aids in ensuring the best possible outcome for the project, allowing you to make informed decisions that enhance the quality of the outdoor space.

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