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Autodesk Vault Drawing Compare allows users to select and visually compare different drawings, versions or revisions leveraging the attached dwf file to detect and highlight document changes. Autodesk Vault Drawing Compare, using Autodesk Design review and developed by Autodesk Consulting Services forms part of the Autodesk Consulting “Enterprise Add-on for Autodesk Vault”, more information on this Kit and other tools can be obtained from the Autodesk WikiHelp (http://wikihelp.autodesk.com > Vault > Additional Resources > Autodesk Consulting > Enterprise Add-on for Autodesk Vault )
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Version, 1/7/2014 Update to resolve issue with direct comparison of dwfx file type

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  • Change default color
    Aks Hal | December 14, 2015

    Can you by default change the colors. So again the question: How do you get the colors to stick.

  • Used to be in Vault...it's finally back.
    Steve Hilvers | July 18, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Finally, upgraded to 2013 and have been missing this capability for several years. A form of this was in early releases of Vault, but was left about around 2007'ish. It's back and improved. Just a couple of issues.... How do you get the colors to stick? Needs to work at the item level and compare two different versions of an item...

  • Extension Error
    Maxim Udod | April 30, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Great App but not for all. On some PCs (about 10%-20%) Vault Explorers refuse to execute "Error loading DrawingCompare" unless uninstall add-in or delete DC folder from Vault's extensions folder. I wonder why it could be so? Just in case, our company uses WinXP mostly yet.

  • Justin Williams | April 09, 2012 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Works like a charm! A nice and simple tool that can save you time of manually comparing drawings to see what has changed.

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