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This plug-in is designed for users working with large projects and storing models on a server. It enables users to easily connect to the server, upload or download information, and make changes directly from within Rhino.


The set of operations includes:


  • Log In – Allows users to connect to the server with their account.


  • Log Out – Allows users to disconnect from the server.


  • Open – Allows users to load a file from the Autodesk® Vault® server into their working directory. The plug-in supports two modes of opening: Read-only and Check-out. Read-only downloads the file and opens it in read-only mode. In Check-out mode, the file is downloaded, the status is set to Check-out at the server, and the file is opened for changes.


  • Vault Explorer – Allows users to browse files in Vault viewing detailed information about them such as history, uses/where used, comments, and preview


  • Refresh – Downloads the latest version of the opened file from the Vault server.


  • Check-in – Allows users to upload a new version of the file to the Vault server with comments.


  • Check-out – Sets Check-out status to current file at the Vault server.


  • Undo Check-out – Reverses the Check-out operation, and enables other users to make changes to the file.


  • Go to Workspace – Opens the work folder in Windows Explorer. 


Please see the short video demonstration here.

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About This Version

Version, 4/12/2016

To make work flow more similar to common Vault Add-ins, Version 1.1 contains referenced models support and a new Vault Explorer feature.

Released for Autodesk® Vault® Basic 2014, Autodesk® Vault® Basic 2015 and Autodesk® Vault® 2016

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