MaOli 14/7

MaOli 14/7




Email Notification is an application comprised of two major modules viz.


1. Email Notification (Vault Plug-in):


2. MaOli


1. Email Notification (Vault Plug-in)

This Vault Plug-in provides the functionality to Vault users to trigger an email to all the users associated with a Lifecycle definition whenever a user changes the state of a file. The mail body is comprised of:

1.1 Project Name

1.2 Drawing / File Name

1.3 Previous State

1.4 Current State

1.5 Revision Number

1.6 Folder

1.7 Vault Name


2. MaOli - Mail Outlook Integrator

This Outlook Plug-in provides the functionality to Outlook users to View and Checkout the files by reading the content of the mail that was triggered with Email Notification (Vault Plug-in). MaOli integrator is comprised of three major components:

2.1 License Tool

2.2 License Server

2.3 Outlook Addin                    

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