cSysCleanWorkingFolder 2018 for Autodesk® Vault®

cSysCleanWorkingFolder 2018 for Autodesk® Vault®



Clean Working Folder is an easy way to delete files from specific folder(s) in the working folders of Autodesk® Vault®.


See detailed information here: http://www.codesystems.fi/products?product=csyscleanworkingfolder

About This Version

Version 23.1, 8/24/2017
Bug fix: Unnecessary tab removed.

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  • Incredibly useful app
    Francesco Dinh | November 24, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    It's great and it works flawlessly. It's useful especially during a project cleanup, to know which files are still missing in the vault. One thing it could improve on is deleting also the .v files in the _V folder, otherwise it will simply leave behind an empty folder with all those files.

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