Autodesk® Vault 2023-Add-in for SOLIDWORKS®

Autodesk® Vault 2023-Add-in for SOLIDWORKS®

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Autodesk® Vault® Professional Add-In for SOLIDWORKS® is for customers who are migrating to Autodesk Solutions or customers with a multi-CAD environment where Vault Professional is used as their Data Management solution.


Using this app, SOLIDWORKS files can be stored, maintained, updated, and version-controlled in Vault Professional along with other files from Autodesk applications. This allows a group of users to work concurrently on designs without the fear of overwriting modified files or working on the wrong version of a design.


This release of the app enables you to manage your SOLIDWORKS 2022, 2021 and 2020 files using Vault Professional 2023. 


Known Issue: This app is targeted at small, moderate complexity assemblies. 

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Version, 5/12/2022
2023 RTM Version

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  • Super nice to have, a bit flaky
    Cory Klopotic | December 06, 2022

    We've been using these plugins for a couple of years.  For the most part they work.  They seem to have some wonky behaviors at times not staying in sync with Vault (check-in/check-out).  After you figure out what is going on, you learn what to avoid and/or how to work around them.

    However, with this latest 2023 version, we are having a fairly significant issue.  When checking Solidworks files into Vault, the properties that we have mapped, are not being registered properly with Vault.  Vault is overwritting the property values with blank strings.  You can edit the properties on the file directly in Vault, and those will cascade down into the file properties, but they will not work bi-directionally.  I have submitted a support ticket.  We'll see where it goes.  As for now I turned off the bi-directional sync setting as so Vault doesn't delete values.  Not a great workaround as data is not displayed in Vault correctly (missing or old).

    Paul Coleman | July 19, 2023

    Hi Cory Did this get resolved? Thanks

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