The Academic Package for Autodesk® Vault® provides you with everything you need to setup Vault for your CAD course or Tutorial. To create a student user, you need to assign it to a team group and a subgroup, create a folder and assign ACLs - this procedure takes about 60 mouse clicks - something you do not want to do for 100+ students. With the SetupStudent extension, you can create these users and the needed structures directly from your participants' list.

If you are missing something or want to enhance the package, please let me know.


Basic functions

 The idea behind the Academic Package is to stay as close to the "out-of-the-box" setup of Vault and at the same time avoid some shortcoming of it. With the Academic Package, you will be able to...

  • Create users, groups, group folders and subgroup folders according to your participants' list.
  • Set the access permissions to these folders at the same time according to academic needs.
  • Support your assessment workflow a lifecycle definition will.
  • Give you a guideline and best practice how to use Autodesk Vault in a CAD course.
  • Provide you a basic set of slides for your lecturer to explain the usage to your students.



This Academic Package contains:

  • The Extension for Autodesk Vault to mass import student user information, groups and folders
  • The getting started guide for you
  • A Presentation you can include for lectures
  • An example of a student list, which you could read in to get started and/or for testing.
  • A configuration file which contains an academic Lifecycle definition and some properties to get started
  • The zip-Archive which contains everything from above.


Download this documentation from the mecke engineering information website – or use the link from within Vault Client => Tools => “Student Setup HTML Docs”

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