Attachments Manager by PT

Attachments Manager by PT

Dario Nicolini

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This app allows Vault users to attach files simply by dragging & dropping onto the target file. The Attachment Manager displays all attachments on a separate file tab in the details pane. Users can also manage the attachments (Open, check out, remove link…) directly from this tab.


After successfully attaching the file via drag & drop, the target file’s new detail tab “Attachments Manager by PT” will display the new attached document along with a number of its properties, including information like file type (documentation, image, package…), name, created by, revision, workflow state, Vault path.


Compared to the LT software version in this release user can also:

- Open attachments: it works with single selection

- Check out attachment: it works with single selection

- Remove links: it works with multiple selection (no files will be deleted)

- Go to Working Folder: it works with single selection


All these features are simply available right clicking on the "Attachments Manager" Tab.

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Version 2.0.0, 12/04/2016

Initial release

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