My Checked Out Files by PT

My Checked Out Files by PT

Dario Nicolini



This app allows Autodesk® Vault®  users to easily identify at any time what files they have checked out. Manually select "My Checked  Out  Files" to see a complete list of currently checked out files or enable “Show on logout” as a reminder when logging out of Vault.


The command dialog displays the file list with related properties including version and local folder location, which can also be exported as a report if the user so desires ..

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버전 2.0.0, 2016-04-12

Initial Release

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  • Helpful but could be better
    Maxim Udod | 10월 22, 2012 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Several things I would improve if I were an author: 1. It may be worth to ask user if he/she still wants to exit knowing that some files are still checked out before really leave. 2. The app can’t be shared across the users with Project Thunderdome because it is not signed with Thunderdome.snk (see readme.txt of Thunderdome source code). The same is true about all free apps here. PS: “Show on logout“ checkbox looks weird on Server but of course there is no much sense in using Vault Explorer on Server.

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