AutoProperties Pro 2020

AutoProperties Pro 2020



AutoProperties Pro copies the values of properties defined on a folder to the properties of a document when it is added to Autodesk® Vault®. Only values of properties which are defined on both the file category of the document and the folder are copied. Folder properties of all folders in the hierarchy are copied, so definitions can be made on multiple levels. Once you have correctly configured the folder and file User Defined Properties (UDP’s), new documents added to those folders will automatically be assigned the folder property. See the Vault WikiHelp article on Managing User Defined Properties for more information on creating and associating properties on files and folders.


To update properties of files which are moved, or do not have the correct category assigned, AutoProperties Pro adds the command Update Properties from Folder to the behaviors toolbar, actions menu and file context menu.


To make the property inheritance a bit more flexible. AutoProperties Pro adds a settings command to the Tools menu under Tools -> Ampersand Software -> AutoProperties Pro Settings, where you can configure the two settings:

  1. Inherit properties to subfolders
  2. Inherit properties directly from parent folder only


Apply category rules after setting properties

These settings can only be modified by an administrator.


Inherit properties to subfolders

When this setting is enabled, the values of the properties defined on the parent folder, which are also defined on a sub folder which is being created, are copied.


Inherit properties directly from parent folder only

When this setting is enabled, the values of the properties which are available on the direct parent are copied only.


Apply category rules after setting properties

When this setting is enabled, the category assignment rules are applied to the document, after setting the properties.


版本 2.1.1, 2021/2/18
First version for Vault 2020



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