CTC BIM Manager Suite 2025

CTC BIM Manager Suite 2025

Win64, English

CTC Software
For people who manage Autodesk® Revit® content and projects, BIM Manager Suite contains tools to help standardize, protect, and quickly change Revit families and projects. For Revit 2021-2025.

General Usage Instructions

While a detailed user guide is provided with this application, clicking on a button in the ribbon will launch the associated tool. 

Each tool has it's own workflow and set of functionality which is spelled out in detail in the user guide. 

The following video playlist will explain each of the tools and their workflows in more detail:  BIM Manager Suite


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description

Family Preview Manager

This tool modifies the settings for views to be used as the default preview image for families.

Family Tools

This tool contains a collection of utilities that assist with the family creation process, including: Deleting backup families, working with type catalogs and shared parameter files, listing the version of Revit in which families were last saved.

Project Cleaner

This tool deletes views, sheets, schedules, legends and Revit links, which can be useful for preparing projects to send off to consultants.

Revision Cloud Remover

This tool makes it fast and easy to remove non-issued revision clouds from your project.

Dimension Checker

This tool finds dimensions whose text does not show dimensionally accurate values.

Family Checker

This tool helps verify how well family files have been created according to standard best practices.

Family Processor

This tool can batch add, change or delete materials, parameters and shared parameters within one or many family files. This includes replacing existing parameters with shared parameters, as well as updating parameter values and formulas.

Import and Link Manager

This tool assists in locating and managing CAD objects within a Revit model.

Schedule Parameter Resolver

This tool changes schedule parameter definitions to match those used in families, without losing schedule formatting.

Shared Parameter Manager

This tool manages the content of shared parameter files and assists with batch loading pre-saved sets of shared parameters into projects.

Type Swapper

This tool makes it easy to change the type or style used for text, dimensions, and line elements. Family elements can also be swapped.


The installer that ran when you downloaded this app/plug-in from Autodesk App Store will start installing the app/plug-in. OR, simply double-click the downloaded installer to install the app/plugin. You may need to restart the Autodesk product to activate the app/plug-in. To uninstall this plug-in, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer, and select the "Uninstall" button. OR use the standard Windows application uninstallation system, as you would for other software.


Additional Information

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Company Name: CTC Software

Author/Company Information

CTC Software

Support Information

For product support, please visit:  https://ctcsoftware.com/support

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Entire Suite -- - New Feature: Now supports Revit 2025. Family Processor -- - Bug Fix: Because of the Family Processor workflow and Revit requiring a family specific value, the Family type parameter has been removed from the list. - Bug Fix: Fixes a problem causing the "Other" parameter group showing up as INVALID Project Cleaner -- - New Feature: Now deletes spacial objects (rooms, spaces and areas) Type Swapper -- - New Feature: Now swaps elements in groups. - New Feature: New filters "Approved" and "Pending" have been added to the swap lists. - New Feature: Now includes MEP systems for swapping - New Feature: Families can be processed within groups - Enhancement: Greatly improved performance on large projects. - Enhancement: Retains mappings while using the tool after a delete is performed - Bug Fix: Fixes saved settings not loading selections. - Bug Fix: Addresses issues in some cases that were causing broken or extended detail lines when processing. New option in the application controls this behavior.


Family Preview Manager -- Bug Fix: Annotations are better represented Family Processor -- New Feature: Select and edit multiple parameter fields simultaneously in the grid UIs New Feature: Reports duplicate parameters Bug Fix: Fixes the 'Other' group from being displayed in the list Project Cleaner -- Bug Fix: Addresses an error that was sometimes produced when launching the tool Shared Parameter Manager -- Enhancement: Addition MEPP categories added for later versions of Revit Type Swapper -- New Feature: New invert selection choice in the right-click context menu Bug Fix: Addresses an error that was being thrown when swapping materials


Family Checker: - Bug Fix: Some checker rules were returning incorrect values Family Tools: - New Feature: Added column for family Category in the Revit file version detector UI Type Swapper: - Enhancement: Now recognizes and properly warns the user of issues with identically named parameters in families. Family Processor: - New Feature: Enable cutting in views (for supported Revit versions)


This version supports Revit 2024


IMPORTANT: This product is in the new "CTC BIM Suites" unified installer, which no longer requires administrative privileges to install, and lets you choose which CTC products to install. Family Preview Manager -- New Feature: Added option in settings to always use a white background color Enhancement: Improved scale and line weight fidelity Bug Fix: Addresses issue where the settings files were being unintentionally overwritten Project Cleaner -- New Feature: New grouping for sheets - Views that are not placed on sheets Dimension Checker -- Enhancement: Improved performance when scanning larger project models Import and Link Manager -- New Feature: Added a new column to indicate whether a link is room bounding Enhancement: Now reports the BIM360 links with special prefix Schedule Parameter Resolver -- Enhancement: Added new parameter keyword search Enhancement: Improved interpretation of shared parameter files with extra quote, double quotes in length values. Shared Parameter Manager -- New Feature: New feature enabling bulk editing of parameters Enhancement: Improved reading shared parameters files created by third-party apps with improper formatting. Bug Fix: Addresses error that was being produced when reading shared parameters files from read only locations


Entire Suite -- Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibilities with Dynamo


Entire Suite -- Enhancement: Improved licensing screen for clarity


Fixed an issue where some users may have difficulty logging in for cloud shared licenses


NEW: Cloud Shared Licensing option! Now supports Revit 2023 Family Checker: Bug Fix - Fixed an error when loading saved options Family Preview Manager: Bug Fix - Some settings were not being applied to the image Family Processor: Bug Fix - Adding parameters in Revit 2022 was not putting them in the specified group Bug Fix - When making type catalogs, some parameters were not being exported. Now exports closer to what Revit does. Family Tools: Bug Fix - Resolved an issue with shared parameter files that had parameters with an apostrophe in the name Type Swapper: Bug Fix - Was not recognizing elements being used


Family Preview Manager: - Bug Fix: Fixed an error when selecting options Family Processor: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where it was possible for a parameter name to be turned into a GUID Family Tools: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with file versions sometimes appearing as missing


Shared Parameter Manager: - Bug Fix: Corrected a problem with reload-from operation on CAD files - Bug Fix: Fixed and issue with corruption of shared parameter files


Family Preview Manager: - Bug Fix: Fixed missing support links on ribbon and menu - Bug Fix: Fixed an error that was preventing processing families in batches - Bug Fix: Fixed an error that was being presented when opening the options dialog Family Tools: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with invalid shared parameter files Family Processor: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with invalid shared parameter files - Bug Fix: Fixed issues with preview images being changed under certain circumstances Shared Parameter Manager: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with invalid shared parameter files Import and Link Manager: - Bug Fix: Fixed issues with reloading CAD links - Bug Fix: Fixed the missing link to help videos Family Checker: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with invalid shared parameter files


This product now supports Revit 2022


Entire Suite -- Bug fix: Fixed an issue that may cause problems accessing Autodesk® BIM 360® in Autodesk® Revit® 2021. Family Processor Enhancement: Improved performance reading parameter values from families


Entire Suite -- Added support for Revit 2021


Entire Suite -- Stability and performance enhancements


Added a new FREE tool: Family Preview Manager


Family Processor: Enhancement - Family Processor should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors Import and Link Manager: Enhancement - Import and Link Manager should work better on scaled-up 4K monitors Schedule Parameter Resolver: Bug Fix - Fixed issue with display of schedule names in Revit 2020 Shared Parameter Manager: Enhancement - Shared Parameter Manager should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors Type Swapper: Enhancement - Type Swapper should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors


Import and Link Manager -- New Feature: Point cloud links are supported New Feature: On Revit links, the room bounding property can be adjusted Project Cleaner -- Enhancement: Improved processing time estimation and alerts with empty/used sort option is selected


20.0.1 -- Bug Fix: Fixed an installer issue. 20.0.0 -- Entire Suite: New Feature: Revit 2020 is now supported Family Processor -- Enhancement: When setting the text casing for all text parameters (e.g. to all upper case) URL parameters will be ignored because some web servers have case-sensitive addresses. Bug Fix: The setting to add _(Edited) to the end of the file names for saved families was not working. This has been fixed.


Entire Suite: New Feature: Revit 2020 is now supported Family Processor -- Enhancement: When setting the text casing for all text parameters (e.g. to all upper case) URL parameters will be ignored because some web servers have case-sensitive addresses. Bug Fix: The setting to add _(Edited) to the end of the file names for saved families was not working. This has been fixed.


Entire Suite: New Feature: A "Contact Support" button has been added to the Revit ribbon and within each tool. This button can be hidden if desired.


NEW TOOL: Manage Revit Project Links This Windows Explorer pop-up menu tool can be used to modify link paths within Revit files without first opening the files in Revit. Family Processor -- Enhancement: The Family Processor button will now be disabled when in a project (it must be opened only when in a family) Enhancement: Built-in parameters that have been initialized will now be included in type catalogs generated Bug Fix: Parameters that had not been initialized were erroneously being included in type catalogs generated. Bug Fix: During type catalog generation, families for which the only change was to delete the types were not being resaved. Bug Fix: Type catalog files generated for Revit 2016 and 2017 did not have correct column headers for Currency and Number unit types.


Project Cleaner Enhancement Option to organize sheets grouped by Empty and Used Project Cleaner New Feature Images tab lists images that can be removed from projects Project Cleaner New Feature Added button shortcut to Revit "Purge" dialog Project Cleaner New Feature Parent views not on sheets are listed separately if they have dependent views on sheets. Project Cleaner New Feature Parent views in the list now display the number of dependent views.


New Feature: The suite now supports Revit 2019, as well as 2018, 2017 and 2016. Schedule Parameter Resolver -- New Feature: Filter list of parameters by project or shared New Feature: Flag rows for user action or attention. Group/sort by flagged/unflagged Bug Fix: Resolved errors caused by missing or invalid shared parameters files Family Processor -- Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with type catalog files generated when the family file has units defined as using fractional inches.


All tools that work with spreadsheets have an improved spreadsheet handling engine. Family Checker: Bug Fix - Fixed error that would cause Family Checker to fail for Revit 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Family Processor: Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with unit symbols not being imported when using existing parameters as sources for parameter changes.


All Tools: Now support Revit 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018


Family Processor: New Feature: Type catalog files can now be generated, with the option to delete the original types from the family files. New Feature: You can now apply all the settings for units of measure in one family file to all of the family files being processed. New Feature: You can now automatically replace all parameters found in families with matching name and type found in a shared parameters file New Feature: You can now change the category of the family files being processed. New Feature: You can now set the Keynotes file on the family files being processed. (Revit 2015 and later) Bug Fix: Shared Parameters files automatically generated could define multiple groups with the same name (e.g. multiple "Dimensions" groups). While not an invalid shared parameters file, this fix only allows groups to be created with unique names.


Family Processor: New Feature: Family processor can now import lookup table files into, or delete lookup tables from, the families being processed using the new "Lookup Tables" main tab. New Feature: You can now control the order in which the processing is performed, and turn off some of the processing steps as part of the settings using the new "Processing Order" main tab. New Feature: You can now specify a view by name to be used to override the preview image. If no view with the name specified exists, it will do its best to preserve the old preview image, or pick the most appropriate view if none can be determined. New Feature: Family Processor can now generate a new shared parameters file which contains all of the unique shared parameters discovered in the families that were processed. New Feature: Family Processor can now change the text casing of the values for all text-based parameters (e.g. Text, Multi-line Text, URL, etc.) to all uppercase, all lowercase, or to use title casing. Type Swapper: Enhancement: The duplicate families will be deleted from the project only if all of its instances were successfully swapped. Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where some family instances were excluded when swapping family.


New Tool: Family Checker This new tool reports on errors or potential issues found in family files.


Family Processor: New Feature - Options now allow creating log files automatically to a specified folder. Enhancement - The progress dialog is now movable and allows canceling the processing. Enhancement - Suggestion winner: A new logging engine now allows filtering the log results by entry types (e.g. Success, Warning, Error, etc.) and exporting log information to different formats. Enhancement - When replacing with shared parameters, if a shared parameter exists with the exact same name and parameter type as the one to be replaced, the matching shared parameter will be selected automatically from the list of available shared parameters of that parameter type. Shared Parameter Manager: Enhancement - Automatic handling of parameter groups Enhancement - View and save report log of operation Enhancement - Added option to specify "Varies by Group Instance" parameter setting Type Swapper: New Feature - Save and load selection sets New Feature - Save processing logs to spreadsheet New Feature - New element types to swap: materials and fill patterns New Feature - Delete selected and delete unused buttons and context menu Enhancement - Removed "Delete Unused" from Dimension, Text and Line Style tabs Enhancement - Multi-select buttons and context menu added Bug Fix - Fixed issue where Duplicate Families were ignored if they had a number in the name


- First version to support Revit 2017 - Moved Schedule Parameter Resolver to this suite from BIM Project Suite per several customer requests - Moved the free tool Batch Family Loader to the new BIM Batch Suite. It remains a free tool. - Family Processor bug fix: Under some conditions no choices will be available for replacement shared parameters even though parameters of the correct data type are in the SP file. This has been fixed. - Multiple tools (including Shared Parameter Manager and Family Processor) which read shared parameter files will now display a warning if two or more parameters in the SP file have the same name or GUID.


Batch Family Loader Enhancement:
 - Loading into project (rte) and family (rft) file types now supported.

Dimension Checker Enhancement:
  - Search choice: Include or Exclude when filtering dimensions with specific text strings


Batch Family Loader Enhancement:
  - Checks the project family against the loading family. In most cases, BFL can avoid loading a family which is identical to the one in a project -- enhanced performance

Import and Link Manager Enhancements:
  - Now presents warning when changing remote file data on central files regarding requiring re-save to central the next time the project is opened.
   - Grid now has columns displays "Referencing Sheet" and "Sheet Number" for applicable link types.

Revision Cloud Remover Enhancement:
  - Now has the ability to keep revisions on sheet after deleting the revision clouds.

Shared Parameter Manager Enhancements:
  - Find/Replace -- Can now find parameter names by pattern and replace with user specified pattern
  - Prefix/suffix can be added to parameter names in the master shared parameter file

Type Swapper Bug Fix:
  - Corrected the issue when in Revit 2014 or Revit 2015, Type Swapper would produce an error regarding trying to use a DLL for Revit 2013.


Batch Family Loader Enhancements:

 - Can now reload only the selected or all families in the currently open project or family

Import and Link Manager Enhancements:
  - Now allows saving a report to a spreadsheet file
  - Now breaks down the imports and links into separate lists by these filters:  All, All Links, All Imports, Revit Links and CAD Links

Shared Parameter Manager Bug Fix:
  - An error would occur when modifying a piping shared parameter, which has been fixed

Family Processor Bug Fixes:
  - When replacing a shared parameter in the family with a new shared parameter which happens to have the same name, the replacement would fail in Revit 2016
  - When adding shared parameters or replacing with shared parameters, if Log Only Errors was turned on but there were no errors, the family would not be saved unless there were other changes successfully made OR the option to always save even if there were no changes was turned on

Family Tools Bug Fixes:
  - Saving merged shared parameters is now allowed when one shared parameters file has two parameeters in it with identical names
  - The Help button from within the app now works



This is the first version to support Revit 2016.  Now supports Revit 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Suite New Features:
  - Ribbon buttons can now be grouped under only two buttons:  Free Tools or Premium Tools, for better ribbon management.
  - The tab on which the ribbon buttons are placed can now be renamed, or the buttons can be hosted on the built-in “Add-Ins” tab.
  - A “Videos” button has been added in each tool, which will display only tool-specific videos in the web browser.  These videos are available as another resource for learning more about each tool and how to better use each tool. 

Suite Bug Fixes:
  - Node Locked licenses were not being allowed to be activated on Microsoft Surface devices
Active Directory-controlled settings may not have been getting applied correctly when disconnected from the network which contains the domain controllers.
Tools that read type catalogs will now read type names with double-quotes in them the same way Revit interprets it.
  - Tools that read type catalogs will now respect the option to skip duplicate type names without generating an error.

Family Processor Enhancements:
  - Now always saves each family, whether changes were made or not, if the option to save to an alternate parent folder is used.
  - No longer creates redundant backup files when saving

Model Compare Enhancements:
  - Some projects with some kinds of CAD links were not able to have snapshots taken.  This has been fixed.



Family Processor New Feature:
  - Family Processor now supports getting material and parameter definitions from multiple family files when configuring settings


This release fixes an issue with node-locked licenses not activating correctly.



Family Processor
  - Now allows turning on Auditing when opening family files, to help fix corruption which causes problems in Revit 2015. This feature is only available for Revit 2014 and later.
  - Now sorts the list of available files from which to choose when selecting the files to process.

Most tools now have "Request Feature" and "Report Bug" as choices on the main pulldown menu and in the "About" dialog, which will start the local e-mail client and pre-populate the subject and body with information about the tool being used for sending in ideas for new features or reporting issues found.

Minor bug fixes


Shared Parameter Manager
  - Will now export the shared parameters from families loaded in the project.

Setups have been impoved.

Minor bug fixes


Shared Parameter Manager
  - Can now export the shared parameters from a project that has duplicate parameter names
  - Improved performance

Import and Link Manager
  - Added support for relative pathing when using the load/reload-from function

Minor bug fixes



Added new tool:  Type Swapper (trial)
  - This tool makes it easy to change the type or style used for text, dimensions and line elements.  Family elements can also be swapped.

Batch Family Loader (free)
  - Now allows batch loading/reloading family files not only into projects, but into family files as well


Fixed an issue with node-locked licenses not activating correctly

Family Processor:
  - Contains an updated list of default materials, including those added for Revit 2015


The setup program now installs these tools for Revit 2013, Revit 2014 and Revit 2015 in a single setup.  Any other CTC add-ins installed must be updated to version 5.1.1 or later as well.

Shared Parameter Manager
  - Now allows the user to export shared parameters from a family to a new shared parameter file.


Shared Parameter Manager
  - Now allows the user to duplicate an existing parameter (requires a unique name)


Misc. small bug fixes to several tools


This is the first release available for Revit 2015

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