PCL PartsLab ®

PCL PartsLab ®

Win64, English

PCL Construction
General Contractors – Stop remodeling concrete structure and reuse linked design models with Native Autodesk® Revit® Parts and this free addin!

General Usage Instructions

Instructions for use are fully documented at http://partslab.pcl.com > PartsLab HELP (top-right menu bar), and our YouTube channel.



Close all open sessions of Revit. Run the downloaded PCL PartsLab® installer. After installation, open Revit and click the PCL tab on the ribbon menu to begin using.

To Uninstall, close all open session of Revit. Run the same downloaded PartsLab® installer, then select the UNINSTALL option

Additional Information

Known Issues

  • While the PartsLab® model browser and visualization tools work with all Revit categories, Revit limits the creation of 'Parts' to specific categories. Please review Revit Help for detailed information about Revit Parts.
  • Autodesk® BIM 360® - Revit models hosted in BIM 360 must be opened from the BIM 360 icon in Revit. Using Revit's recent list to open a model will cause PartsLab to not operate.


Company Name: PCL Construction
Support Contact: info@partslab.pcl.com

Author/Company Information

PCL Construction

Support Information

PCL PartsLab® is free addin we are sharing with the Revit & construction community. If you are having trouble registering, please contact us at registration@partslab.pcl.com.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

• 2025 Compatibility • Registration not required for this release • Functionality that attempts to help you reconcile assigned levels for parts that do not have a level - that isolation feature makes sure parts visibility is ON in the current view. Previously, when parts visibility was OFF, the view was appearing empty when those parts were isolated. • PartsLab® Divide tools were still requiring registration in the previous version – registration requirement has been removed. • This is the last version of PartsLab® I will be managing. It has been a fun journey with you all. Cheers! Daron Denton

Required registration has been temporarily paused. If your PartsLab installer is requiring registration, please download this latest version

• See new screenshots under Screenshots and Videos • Fixed: 2023 error when the first open view is a schedule view when a model is opened • Improved Linked IFC Support: PartsLab will now create parts from any category from a linked IFC model • Improved Parts Creation Messaging: When PartsLab creates parts, alert has instructions to view objects if Revit failed to make a part on an object (This is not a PartsLab error, Revit is rarely unable to create parts from some very complex shapes, like floors with many point edits that go above and below the plane of that face) • Isolate Categories of Types without Parts - Helps find objects without parts: The main category tree can now be filtered to display only valid object Types where at least one or all objects does not have a part. The red count number indicates the number of objects in that type that do not have parts • Isolate Categories of Types missing Parts – Helps find objects without parts: Like the previous filter, this filters the main category tree to display only valid object Types where at least one has a part. All other categories with no parts will be filtered out. This assists finding missing parts in categories that already have parts – like when a new object has been added to the model and does not yet have a part. • Isolate / Highlight Linked Models - Isolate or highlight any linked model: Linked models can now be isolated/highlighted in the 3D view by right-clicking in the “Models being searched” list. This may help visualize what objects need to be targeted or don’t have parts from specific linked models. • Level Association Tools: PartsLab automatically sets the level association of a part IF the host object level in the linked model also exists in the current model where parts are being made. If that linked model level does not exist in the current model, a new option will appear after parts have been created informing you of these parts, with a dialog to assist associating those parts with a different level in the current model. • Help content updated

• See video in PartsLab help demonstrating these features • Visualize linked model content before making parts • Visualize what objects do not have parts • Filter main category tree to show only types without parts • Help updated

2023 Compatibility

• 2022 Compatibility • Worksets – Apply a workset assignment at time of Parts creation • Materials – Apply a different material at time of Parts creation

• 2021 Compatibility • Improved support for 360 Design Collaboration

These new division tools will significantly reduce the clicks required when dividing Parts. • 2020 Compatibility • Quick Divide – Split any part that extends through several levels with one click. • Replicate Division – works like Copy / Paste with Parts divisions • Divide by Style – Create / manage division styles using Levels / Grids / Ref Planes • When divided by a Level, PartsLab updates the Level property on the Parts

• New feature set – Find / Visualize / Review Overlapping Parts • See latest video for feature demonstration • Finds all overlapping parts in your model • Highlights and isolates overlaps by Level / Category / Overlap Instance • Aids with constructability review - drill down to the overlapping parts in the tree / understand that overlap condition • Filter overlaps by Parts creation date – see new overlaps just created • Reverse Look-up – select overlapping parts first, highlight in dialog • Ignore / hide unimportant overlaps to simplify review process

• 2019 compatible • Improved Workshare compatibility • If you had or installed, you will NOT need to re-register this version • You will need a new authorization key for use with Revit 2019

• International Version Support – Visualization ribbon tools were not appearing when Parts are selected in non-English versions of Revit. • Refresh Tree – Manually refreshes main content tree if new geometry is created while PartsLab is running, this will refresh the main content tree and object counts. This is not automated for best performance in large projects. • Level Linked/Sync’d status was not correct when the current model was deselected in the ‘Models being viewed’ list. • If you had installed, you will NOT need to re-register this version.

2018 Compatible Node Text Color in Main Object Tree - Categories that can receive Parts are BLACK - Categories that cannot receive Parts are GREY Status of Levels in 'Filter By Building Level' - Now displays only levels of models selected in 'Models Being Searched' checklist - Levels from selected linked models now display (linked) after the level name - Levels belonging to both the selected current model and selected linked model(s) now display (sync'd) Creation History Modes - The automated Parts Creation History feature can now be managed by selected dates and/or revision entries. - Managed Creation History View automatically displays Parts by selected dates and/or revision entries. (new on the Settings tab) - The parameter with the creation date was Read Only in previous versions. Values can now be edited, giving you full control of managing your Parts creation history. Projects created in prior versions will remain Read Only. ‘Document Busy’ alert fixed - After doing SAVEAS, PartsLab would not open and gave an alert stating the document could not be opened.

Significant Performance Increase - When selecting linked RVTs to populate the content tree, some complex / dense models were slow to open. These models will now open almost instantly. Improved error handling that will allow you to skip objects that cannot receive Parts – In some rare cases due to heavy profile modification, valid objects that should host Parts, won’t. This was preventing the entire selection from receiving Parts. You can now skip these items & see an alert with their object ID.

Tool tip updates & text clarifications.

First public release of PCL PartsLab.
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