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The Autodesk® 3ds Max® Asset Library allows you to quickly access 3D content on your local computer and network in a single view, making all content instantly searchable. After finding the perfect asset, you can decide how it works once added to the scene through Xref, merge or replace. 

  • Updated many defects in 1.7!
  • Revised UI style to match 3ds Max
  • Apply tags to any asset (searchable with tag: and tags: prefixes)
  • Apply custom thumbnails to any asset and allow them to be the default thumbnail in the main panel
  • Preview dependency status of assets in the preview panel
  • View 3ds Max file thumbnails natively in the asset panel (#1 requested user feature)
  • The Dependency Manager can re-path multiple 3ds Max file dependencies at once across many folders.
  • View many types of image formats directly in the asset panel (check known issues for formats not supported)
  • Deep search of 3ds Max files by stats such as face count, renderer type, version, and more! (Check the help docs linked in the app for more info.)
  • Deep search of many image files by available properties such as resolution and bit depth.
  • Added a quick-start guide
  • Drag and drop images directly into material editor map slots (requires 3ds Max 2017 Update 1)
  • Object Paint 3D files by simple drag and drop into 3ds Max scene
  • 3ds Max file details available
  • Collection files (.3dsmal) are viewable and can be added via drag and drop inside the app
  • Add Location/Save dialog updated
  • Create Collections to share with co-workers or other computers when you have Asset Library installed.
  • Thumbnail UI update to easier scanning of content file formats.
  • Added search history list.
  • Quickly add local or network folders of asset locations to be indexed for fast searching
  • Use file format Filters to display only the types of files you want to see
  • Merge, Xref Scene, or Replace content in your current 3ds Max session.
  • Import method for any non 3ds Max file type that is supported by 3ds Max.
  • Drag and Drop images into viewports as environment backgrounds or onto objects as material diffuse maps.
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Version 1.7.50, 28.03.2019
Bug fixes. Due to low adoption, we removed the Online store connection.

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  • the begining
    chinni raj | Dezember 20, 2017


  • wrong insertion
    Joachim Kopf | Juli 18, 2017 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    if I use the old asset browser of MAX all Furniture have the right insertion height - with this Version all Furniture are to deep - any Ideas whats going wrong ?

  • 有中国人没有
    zhao yaokuan | Juni 17, 2017


  • Nice app, but still needs some work.
    Michiel Van Gasse | März 23, 2017 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I like the app and is a good extension to have. Is there a way to share asset tags for multiple users? Also the pivot point changes when I start dragging the merged mesh around. Initially it places it good, but moving the cursor snaps to the center of the object. Any way to fix that? Sometimes the merging doesn't work, so save before using it. ^^ Keep up the good work. ;)

  • doesn't show
    Lukasz Szeflinski | September 05, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I have windows 10 and it doesn't show thumbnails of the scene. I can only see max icon in app and not what's inside the file.

    Chip Weatherman | November 21, 2016

    Lukasz, we now has native thumbnail support. Give v1.3 a try and let us know if it's working for you. Note that it will still show the icon if the 3ds Max file was created as a Save Selected from a another scene. This is a general limitation and something the Asset Library (or Windows) can't resolve. Thanks!

  • Excellent addition to Max
    Paul Neale | Juni 30, 2016

    This is helping clean up my workflow and a great addition to all my tools.

  • weird
    Nicolas Caplat | Juni 01, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    A good start but ... why aren't 3dsmax files thumbnails displayed correctly (black) wheres as Connecter app (Design Connected) displays them perfectly ?

    Chip Weatherman | Juni 07, 2016

    Connector is reading them from the files directly using their own service. We are investigating implementing our own reader as well, but the first step was use what we have existing already. 3ds Max has a service that is now installed from 2016 Ext 2 and 2017 that tells Windows how to read the 3ds Max file thumbnail. The Asset Library is only reading what Windows makes available. If the thumbnails are not showing then that means the thumbnail service is not installed or started. If that is the case, you can email the support email above and they'll be happy to help. :)

    Chip Weatherman | November 21, 2016

    Nicolas, We now has native thumbnail support. Give v1.3 a try and let us know if it's working for you. Thanks!

  • A good start
    Michael Wentworth-Bell | Mai 06, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I agree with Tobias' sentiments in that 3ds Max Asset Library is a good start. It's already a useful tool and worthwhile downloading and installing. There are features that can be added though. For example, being able to open two Asset Library windows at the same time. I hope it is continually developed and the features of Asset Library eclipse the other browsers such as "Connecter".

  • Zip File Error
    Jeremiah Spoon | April 30, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I'm not sure why, but firefox picks this up as a rar archive for some reason and adds the .zip extension. I was able to download and install just fine on a computer that did not have winrar or winzip. If you're having problems try removing the .zip from the file name or changing the file type. Once installed it works fine. I hope it gets some more development.

    Chip Weatherman | Juni 07, 2016

    Jeremiah, thank you again for bringing this to our attention. The App Store team has notified us that this should be fixed for Firefox now.

  • V1 Cleans up my desktop of windows so I can use it for other things while i work [not just Netflix]
    Adrian Wise | März 30, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    So if you are anything like me, your filing system starts off with the best intensions, there is a place for everything and it all seem logical. Then one day you realise that you have stuff here there and everywhere, your desktop wallpaper is obscured by all those icons and there are projects scattered across not just folders but drives and network drives. Clients have their preferred structure, different studios want to work in different ways, and you simply don’t have enough desktop realestate to have that many windows open. Asset Library for 3DS Maxis not going to solve your inability to organise your files, or combat that client insisting it is done their way, but it will let you work your way, your studios way, and your clients’ way. First of all, Asset Library is fast, really fast, even with large files over network drives, as Max artists we know about large files, Asset Library deals with them as effortlessly as Max does. Nice, super large preview icons and with SP2 we get extra-large scene preview icons too. No matter how many folders you have no matter where they are, just drag and drop them in your favourites area and there they are, they can stay for as long as you need or not because removing them is as adding them, they can be as permanent or temporary as you need. Once you have all your desired locations handy in one window finding them for Max specific tasks is made easier, search is built in [but you can also search Autodesk seek for those things you haven’t got]. Filtering for Max-centric users is there, you can filter by filter type, all the Max usable files can be filtered, but its not just geometry, we probably have more textures than models, but they are taken care of too. Scripts and MCGs are supported too. Once you have found what you need Asset Library supports you with Max focused functionality merge, import and replace, directly into Max. Locate and execute scripts, find both MCG MaxTool and MaxCompounds. This is just a version one release and already it has made its way into my daily workflow, I have fewer windows on my desktop, and I can actually find things now. My only concern is, now that I don’t need to worry about where something is, is my filing going to get worse ?

  • The begining
    Tobias Wiesendanger | Februar 24, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    This is a startpoint but there is alot to do and I realy hope autodesk puts in the extra work to make this a complete tool. There are many asset library tools out there but each has it flaws. Look at and you pretty much know what you have to do, to make this work.

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