Glue is a versatile utility plugin that offers two essential tools in one package. Whether you need to move a selection of separate objects to a specific surface or conform a spline to a surface, Glue has you covered.


With Glue, you can easily project a selection of objects onto any geometric surface along the X, Y, or Z axis. You have the option to orientate the objects to follow the surface normally or retain their existing rotation. This feature is perfect for creating realistic scenes and models that require precise object placement.


The spline conforming feature of Glue is equally useful, offering options to refine the spline by adding vertices based on a fixed number or step, or the spline's length. You can also retain the spline's existing knots, giving you more control over the final result.


Glue is also compatible with Autodesk® 3ds Max® built-in path deform modifier, allowing you to conform geometry to a surface with ease. You can even use Clone Modifier and Path Deform to create parametric arrays that conform to a surface.


The Glue interface is user-friendly, and you can easily select the surface onto which you wish to glue the chosen objects. You can also choose the axis along which items are projected during the glue operation. Note that the objects must be above the surface's faces to be glued.


The Follow Normal Surface feature of Glue rotates the objects to match the orientation of the surface normal. This option gives you more control over the final look of your models and scenes.


Glue is compatible with Max 9 and above and offers a wide range of features that saves time and automates tedious tasks. 

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Version 2.7.0, 11.07.2024
- Official support for 3ds Max 2020 to 2025 - Unofficial support for 3ds Max 2014 - 2019 - Project selected items or conform splines onto any geometric surface. - Options for projecting on the X, Y, or Z-axis. - Projected items can rotate to follow the normal direction of the surface. - Options to normalize splines before projection using a fixed number of steps or add vertices based on a spline's length. - It can be used with the built-in path deform modifier within 3ds Max to conform geometry to a surface. - It can be used with Clone Modifier and Path Deform to create parametric arrays that conform to a surface.

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