mScrub is a tool for animators that allows you to easily scrub the timeline and navigate through keyframes with the mouse wheel, among other options targeted for animation in Autodesk® 3ds Max®.


  • Scrub timeline with your mouse wheel (hotkey + Mouse wheel)
  • Customizable hotkey (no longer hard coded for Spacebar)
  • Hotkey starts/stops playback
  • Custom frame step (hotkey + Ctrl + Mouse wheel)
  • Turn object trajectory On/Off (hotkey + Middle mouse button)
  • Realtime playback toggle (hotkey + Ctrl + Right mouse button)
  • Return to current frame on scrub mode (hotkey + Ctrl + Left mouse button)
  • Return to current frame on playback mode (hotkey + Shift + Left mouse button)
  • Settings dialog + preferences saved to file


Check this small video of mScrub:

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Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 2014.00, 12.04.2016

2014.00 changelog:

- UI improvements
- New features (custom hotkey, return to current frame, custom frame step, settings menu, etc)
- Removed DLL dependencies

2013.04 changelog:

- Removed annoying messages in the listener
- Temp camera created by mScrub is now hidden

2013.03 changelog:

- Now works on 3dsmax 2010+
- New feature, right click turns on/off trajectory for selected objects
- Fixed playback bugs

2013.01 changelog:

- You can now hit space (without holding) to Play/Stop animation.

2013.0 changelog:

- Initial release 

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