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Spline Flow Lite

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The primary feature of Spline Flow is the generation of splines that smoothly flow from one to the other and follow a specific path. That in turn allows the formation of complex objects.


The notable strength of Spline Flow lies in its ability to control the distribution and curvature of these splines.


Also, one of the standout aspects of Spline Flow is its animation capabilities. Users are not restricted to designing static models; they can breathe life into their creations by animating various parameters.


From subtle movements to significant transformations, this plugin opens a new realm of possibilities, enhancing the dynamic elements and realism of the parametric objects.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Descripción de la versión de prueba


Spline Flow Lite version is fully functional but has some limitations.


Lite version can contain only 2 shapes, and can’t be animated.
Users of the Lite version can still open and render Spline Flow objects created in the PRO version but without the ability to edit.
Animations created in the PRO version will also be preserved when opened in the Lite version.


Spline Flow PRO doesn’t have any limitations that mean, the object might contain more than 2 shapes and can be animated
You can acquire the full version on this page https://3d-kstudio.com/product/spline-flow/



For rendering you can use the Lite version without any limitations.

Acerca de esta versión

Versión, 18/07/2024
Support to Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2017 - 2025

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