The AdvArray modifier is an advanced parametric array type modifier for Autodesk® 3ds Max®. Being that 3ds Max does not ship with any sort of parametric array modifier, I’ve programmed this modifier to fill that void as well as add a number of advanced array features not found in 3ds Max by default, and even some that cannot be found in other third party modifiers. 


Take a look at the documentation for more information:!AF8vbEk-7BagjMo4

also check out a little video of the modifier in action!:

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Versión 1.2.6, 09/05/2023
Updated for 2024 products

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  • very very nice but....
    Harold Rinck | febrero 09, 2023 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    - why max count is 1000 ?

    - Railclone instancing capability would be amazing !



    Tim Catalano (Editor) | febrero 13, 2023

    Yeah, the maximum is probably outdated at this point. I'll raise that for the upcoming release for the next version of max. And yes, instancing is something that's missing that would be a great benefit actually. Thanks for the review! i'll try to get these changes implemented soon!

  • Support for Max 2023?
    Raphael Franke | junio 12, 2022

    I need support for 3Ds Max 2023.

    Menno Van Dijk | junio 28, 2022

    +1 Please Tim can you update this plugin for R23? Your plugin is one of the first essential ones I install with a new Max version ;-) Update: Thanks Tim!

    Tim Catalano (Editor) | julio 03, 2022

    Hey all, sorry, a bit behind, but i've submitted the files or 2023 for review. hopefully autodesk will review and release those in the next week or two.

    Tim Catalano (Editor) | julio 05, 2022

    Support for 2023 is now live, you should be able to download the latest installer to install the latest binaries. Please let me know if you have any trouble, thanks!

  • I miss some animation capabilities
    Gael Lendoiro | abril 29, 2021 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Great tool! I use it a lot but I miss some animation features. For example offset the animation for each copy...

    Tim Catalano (Editor) | abril 30, 2021

    Hey, thanks for the suggestion! i think that's a great idea actually. i'll have to implement that into the tool to make it even better. Thanks!

  • Super
    Sergey Vary | abril 24, 2021 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Need support 3dsMax 2024 please

    Tim Catalano (Editor) | abril 27, 2021

    Hey! sorry for delay, it's pending review from Autodesk as we speak. I was told it should be finished reviewing within a day. So check back soon. thanks!

  • Super
    Rust Arazov | marzo 25, 2020 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    need suport 3dsMax 2021 please

  • the plugin itself works well so far, but does crash on 2018 when i add another advArray
    Christian Kim | agosto 07, 2018 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    there was an issue with crash initially, but the developer responded right away and sorted out the issue! great support and great plugin! i did, however, encounter some viewport performance issues working with POLY, but developer suggested turning on "process as mesh" option, which dramatically speeds up the workflow for me.  great plugin!

    Tim Catalano (Editor) | agosto 22, 2018

    The fix for your issue has been released, please let me know if you come across any other issues. thanks!

  • Crashes
    Bertrand Benoit | julio 27, 2017 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    I've installed this in Max 2018 but on testing, I'm getting almost systematic crashes when adding an AdvArray modifier on top of a previous one. The crash offers me the option to save the scene and when I reload it, the two modifiers are there and work well together. Still, not the most efficient way to work...

    Tim Catalano (Editor) | julio 28, 2017

    Bummer, super sorry that you're getting the crashes. please contact me at and i'll get the issue resolved for you.

    A B | agosto 03, 2017

    I still not getted any crashes in max 2017 (but not tried in 2018, did not install yet)

    Thai Nguyen | enero 25, 2018

    I 've have the same problem in 3dsmax 2017. It works perfectly until adding AdvArray modifier once more.

    Tim Catalano (Editor) | agosto 22, 2018

    The fix for your issue has been released, please let me know if you come across any other issues. thanks!

  • Very good
    A B | julio 22, 2017 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    I must say for such price it'a nobrainer. Liked performance a lot. Thank you for share.

  • Amazing !
    Stéphane Jardin | julio 10, 2017 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    I've waited for such a modifier for so long ... you made it :) Should be a standard 3dsmax tool, it fills the gap between Clone modifier (simple things) and RailClone (very advanced things). Perfect, thanks a lot.

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