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RailClone Lite is free to use, even commercially. It provides many of the features found in RailClone Pro but is limited to 3 segments, 1 generator, and flat splines. The Lite edition has a limited subset of library styles, and does not include RailClone Tools, the ability to collapse to a mesh, or user editable libraries. If you want to know the differences between our Pro and Lite version, please read this documentation 

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Wersja 3.3.0, 2019-04-04
RailClone 3.3 introduces compatibility with latest render engines, Arnold and 3ds Max 2020, significant enhancements to default scaling modes, a new supermarket library and several improvements to existing features: - RailClone 3.3 (new) adds compatibility with 3ds Max 2020 including support for Arnold, Autodesk's powerful new built-in renderer. - The entire library of built-in presets now include materials for Arnold using Physical Materials, a cross-platform shader compatible with several renderers. - More Powerful Default Modes, Adaptive and Count modes allow you to scale segments to avoid sliced geometry, and they've now seen a significant upgrade with the addition of support for beveled corners. - V-Ray Next and Corona 2 support, RailClone supports the most popular renderers in the industry. - Supermarket Library, a new library that contains 10 new presets for populating food shelves in shops and supermarkets. - Improved Randomization, the Random number node can now be synchronized between different segments and generators, making it much easier to control randomization. - Clipping improvements, use the material IDs assigned to closed splines for conditional effects and the new Auto Align and Hierarchy modes to make it easier than ever to create arrays from multiple closed splines in a single click. - Improvements to RailClone Tools, new options to force instances, generate separate meshes for non-instantiable geometry, or compile them into a single object. - RailClone Color, randomize between up to 20 maps per segment including the ability to tint bitmaps from either a gradient, a random pixel from a texture or a map applied to a surface. - Macros, streamline styles by collapsing complex graphs into a single reusable node that can have its own parameters, inputs and output. - UI Improvements, work more efficiently with the help a rewritten notes node, expandable list boxes, and the ability to export multiple attributes and parameters at once. - Improved UVs, The UVW Xform operator has a new mode that enables it to be rotated around the texture's centre point. See complete list of features in https://www.itoosoft.com/railclone#whats-new

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