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Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your objects without changing their appearance. You keep all details even at high optimization ratio. You also keep texture information, vertex colors and user defined normals. You protect object borders, material boundaries, UVs seams... You can optimize taking care of the symmetry of your objects.

Polygon Cruncher for Autodesk® 3ds Max® includes 3 different modules:

  • A modifier plugin which allows real time optimization in the 3ds Max viewers
  • A utility plugin that includes a built in OpenGL view and gives a precise control on the way optimization is performed.
    The utility plugin includes batch process module for your 3ds Max files and generates different LODs for your 3D assets.
    It is also a way to import files from various 3D file format into 3ds Max
  • A StandAlone application for optimizing your 3D assets that come from various file formats (sketchup, wavefront, stl, lightwave...).
    This module includes batch processing for optimizing a whole folder.
    It also includes MagicCruncher which automatically defines the best optimization ratio for your 3D data assets.

Polygon Cruncher uses an exceptional algorithm developed since 10 years, which gives incomparable results, really better than what you can get with optimizer provided with 3ds Max.

Full Trial period

Polygon Cruncher includes 7-days full trial period.

Previous version download

Users of the version 10.x can download the previous version here:

Users of the version 11.x can download the previous version here:

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Wersja 12.15, 08.03.2019
Version 12.15 Improvements 3D support - New OpenGL viewer with improved performances and faster reactivity for huge meshes. - 3ds Max 2019 plugin support - Maya 2019 plugin support - MagicCruncher feature which is x8 time faster than in previous version. 3D viewer improvements - Sketchup 2019 file support. - LWO: file are read faster - Wavefront files are readed faster. - Faster triangulation - Object scene tree panel is filled faster - Better handling of relative texture paths when exporting 3d scenes. Application improvements - Merge by Materials now works with Sketchup files (when face have different front / back face materials) Polygon Cruncher improvements

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