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Material Library – Contains over 70 high-quality Vray and Corona material presets. The materials can be applied to Cityscape elements as well as any other object in a scene. (See the Material Library section).


Surface – Surface geometry is used as a base for all calculations. Once the Curbed Areas are generated on top of it, the exposed part of the surface turns into a road. To start, click the <Pick Surface> button and pick the surface geometry in the scene.

Note: For best results, the base surface should be a clean, uniform geometry without double faces, holes, flipped polygons or long triangles. Quad polygons are recommended. For optimal calculation times, the surface area and polycount should be low. (See the Knowledge Base section)


Generate – An interactive button that generates a result. The button turns blue and flashes when changes are detected. The button turns red when problems are detected with input elements.


☑ Visualize your project with an immersive, vibrant environment

☑ Save almost half of your production time

☑ Concentrate on creative work by automating repetitive tasks


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


版本 1.5.1, 2022/8/11
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