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V-RayMtl Converter is a professional tool for automating time-consuming processes such as converting materials and other scene components (lights, cameras, proxy etc) from different renderer engines into V-Ray, as well as to reverse the conversion of V-Ray materials into Standard materials (which is very useful for game developers, 3d modelers, etc)
This is a new version of the maxscript known as "VRayMtl Converter". This next-generation version was launched after version 2.5 and has new and different features and improvements: support for more materials, maps and other scene components, an additional selection of materials for conversion, as well as more flexible options for converting and fixing the scene and its components. Also, since 3.998 version supports batch materials conversion in multiple .max files.


View full list of the currently supported materials, maps and scene components for converting.

Note: This app uses a custom *.mzp installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


版本 3.9997, 2021/9/28
- added a spinner in the "Advanced Fix" section to custom set white value of the reflection color - fixed issue that occurred when processing VRayBitmap with missing paths to texture when the color space setting function was running View full changelog here: https://maxtools.3dzver.ru/sc/vmc3_changelog.txt



3 评论
  • The Best
    Waterlemon Studios | 八月 01, 2021

    Simply the best converter available. It has a one-click solution to convert materials to ACEScg workflow in 3ds max - Vray. The developers constantly update the app and they listen to every user request and try to implement it. The support they provide is impeccable. This has become an integral part of my workflow, it saves lots of time. This is more than worth every penny!

  • A Lifesaver for converting 3D assets
    Douglas Bowker | 九月 02, 2019 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Though I could think of a few changes I'd like to see, suffice to say this plugin has saved me dozens of hours over the course of the year I've owned it!

    It's fast, simple and an absolute must for those who might have years worth of models/materials in discontinued renderers like Mental Ray. But it's also helpful for just globally switching a file that may have used Standard or old Autodesk Materials too.

    The other helpful feature is that it gives you a certain degree of granular control over the process. You have a range of choices as to how materials are handled, as well as lights and cameras.

    Max Denton | 十一月 28, 2018

    Great plugin, very helpful for work! This is a high quality product!