With this application, you can install and use all AvizStudioTools plugins and scripts.
From the application, you can easily check for updates and manage the tool's versions, Also, you can open each of the tools with a push of a button and start using it right away.
This is a short description of all included tools:

  • ATiles - Plugin for creating roof tiles, tiled floors, brick walls, fences, or any tileable geometry in a straight line, horizontal plane or vertical plane.
  • ATree3D - Simple to use 3D plants generator for low and high polygon vegetation.
  • A2Dimage - Plug-in for adding simple images of people, trees or anything else with alpha channel to your Autodesk® 3ds Max® scenes.
  • AColorManager - Convert scene materials to V-Ray ACESsg or modify scene materials colors profile and gamma.
  • ASnapshots - Tool to save and load the state of any 3ds Max object, including the base object, all modifiers and the material as a snapshot to reuse later, even if the object has been modified.
  • ASmartObjects - With this tool, you can import and use our collection of smart objects that can adapt to your scene with just one mouse click.
  • AHelper - Maximize efficiency, and minimize clicks.


Most of the tools have free versions that you can use for commercial and non-commercial projects. You can also try all of them with the full functionality (Pro or Subscription versions) for free by activating a free trial. If you want to use the latest versions and the full functionality of our tools for commercial projects, you can buy a subscription plan from our website. This is a comparison between the free and the trial/subscription plans:

ToolsFreeTrial & Subscription
ATiles v2.64 (Free) all (Pro & Subscription)
ATree3D v3.11 (Free) all (Pro & Subscription)
A2Dimage v1.21 (Free) all (Pro & Subscription)
AColorManager v1.01 (Free) all (Pro &Subscription)
ASnapshots v1.01 (Free) all (Pro & Subscription)

all (Subscription Only)



You can try all Pro and Subscription Only versions of our tools with full functionality for 15 days. In the trial period, you can not use the Pro and Subscription Only versions of the tools for commercial projects. Once the trial ends you can buy a subscription or continue using the limited Free versions of our tools.


版本 1.4.0, 2024/5/16
New tool AHelper v1.0 - Maximize efficiency, minimize clicks. Support for 3ds Max 2025



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