ACUTE – Acute Angle Checker

ACUTE – Acute Angle Checker

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In a large drawing there are often so many different angles – and identifying just which ones are acute angles can be a tedious and time consuming task. Not any longer! CAD Design Software brings you ACUTE to address just this need. With a variety of controls, including a max angle value to check for, checking just  internal or external acute angles, and even a tolerance value to use while checking, ACUTE has your back for those previously tedious acute angle checks! Download your free trial TODAY!


This application will start in Trial-Mode and allow 5 trial runs or 1 day, whichever comes first.

$5.00 to purchase from within the app using a Paypal account or make a one-time purchase with a Debit or Credit Card on Paypal

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version 2.1.0, 19.03.2017
Initial Release - updated

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