Annotation Multi Copy Paste and Replace - Trial

Annotation Multi Copy Paste and Replace - Trial

Anvil Integrated Solutions Inc.

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This handy app can be used to add or modify existing text annotation in your Autodesk® AutoCAD® drawings. It will pay for itself on first use. The learning curve is just a few minutes.

Simply copy all the text you need for your drawing then paste into your AutoCAD drawing or replace existing text annotations one line at a time quickly and error-free with ‘point and pick’.

Completely flexible and full featured with undo, view and even copying from one drawing to another.

Excellent for serial numbers, product codes, people names, specification text, phone numbers, foreign language or even standard paragraph notes.

A ‘must have’ for any AutoCAD user putting text annotations on their drawings.

The Trial version is fully functioning but only allows a few text annotations and only allows each command to run a few times in an AutoCAD session. Purchase removes restrictions.

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Versione 3.0.0, 07/01/2019
Renamed, formerly ‘Clip2Text’ Improved speed on commands. Changed trial version approach. Minor bug fixes.

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