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Invert visibility

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Isolate/hide commands are very helpful for working with large models and huge drawings. A small set of isolated objects is much easier to twist and does not get in the way of extra snaps. However, CAD developers can overlook the need to edit the list of visible objects. You must turn on everything, choose again, and isolate again. This is the problem that the Invert plugin gracefully solves.
When you work on a large drawing isolating a small fragment, the Invert command can be very useful. It will allow you to add objects to the visible ones without dropping the set of isolated objects. Calling Invert will swap visible and invisible objects. You will see everything that was hidden. Then you can select new objects and call Invert again. Now your set of isolated objects will be added to those that were selected before calling the Invert command.
The first time you invoke the Invert command with selected objects, when there are no hidden objects, it works just like the Isolate command. But unlike the Isolate, you can call Invert when nothing is selected! In this case, the program will hide all objects of the model or the current sheet. And a repeated call will show them all back.
In addition, the command will help you quickly hide all annotations on the sheet (layout) so that you can see clean drawings in the viewports. Then quickly return the visibility of annotations by clicking on the same Invert button.
The Autodesk® AutoCAD® default value for the following command is OBJECTISOLATIONMODE = 0
After running the app, the 'Invert' command will change the OBJECTISOLATIONMODE =1

To reset the default value run the following command set to zero (OBJECTISOLATIONMODE = 0)
0 - Isolated/hidden objects are temporary for the current drawing session
1 - Isolated/hidden objects persist between drawing sessions
You can download and use the program for free. But I really look forward to your feedback and donations.
The Invert command is included in the collections A>V>C> Kit and A>V>C> Pro.

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Versione 2024.03.03, 24/04/2024
Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2025 compatibility.

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