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The TLTitleBlock for Autodesk® AutoCAD® app is designed to eliminate the tedious and error-prone manual task of keeping drawing title block attributes in sync with a centralized Excel project registry. No more exporting/importing attributes!

Once properly set up it provides two non-interactive "one-click" commands to update all title block attributes with the contents of your project Excel spreadsheet:

  • TLTitleBlockUpdateCurrentLayout - updates all title block attributes on the current layout with the contents of the project Excel file
  • TLTitleBlockUpdateAllLayouts - invokes the TLTitleBlockUpdateCurrentLayout command on all Layouts found in the current drawing

Upon invocation, the app will check whether the required custom properties are found in the current drawing and if so will look for and read the contents of the configured project Excel file sheet. Then it will scan the drawing Layout for Title Block references and if found will match and update all block attributes with the contents of the Excel sheet. Finally, if user commands are configured the app will invoke each one once per drawing layout.

All of the above steps are instantaneous and require no input from the user.


  • "One-click" functionality - fully automated, non-interactive interface
  • Fast Excel file read functionality provided by ExcelDataReader
  • Four different Log Level Modes supported: Error, Warning, Info, Debug
  • Designed to be used in a multi-disciplinary, corporate environment
  • Support for special fields in the Excel file path
  • Per drawing project Excel file with multiple layouts supported
  • Third-party document management systems support
  • Designed to be as generic as possible to accommodate multiple workflows
  • Slots for up to three user commands provided

What's included:

  • Full setup documentation with detailed instructions (offline only)
  • Sample project title block file
  • Sample project drawing
  • Sample 'propulate template file
  • Sample Excel spreadsheet file


Please refer to the TLTitleBlock Help Document for setup/workflow instructions

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