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It’s time to take Autodesk® AutoCAD® Electrical to the next level. Designers and drafters have been using this powerful software for years, and the Holt Design Toolkit will help you maximize AutoCAD Electrical with 15 new tools designed for efficiency and productivity. Save your organization time and money by using the Holt Design Toolkit to:


  • Create a cleaner and better custom symbols in less time and with zero aggravation.
  • Shorten QA/QC timelines by establishing relationships between components and drafting within those boundaries.
  • Preview terminal strip annotation and quickly edit connected components, even on closed drawings.
  • Automatically sequence every wire in your project based on custom master wire sequences.
  • Show or hide selected attributes on some or all of your components across the entire project.
  • So much more!


Users will see a quick return on the investment of the Holt Design Toolkit. Whether your project is large or small, these 15 tools will help reduce drafting errors, increase design efficiency, and get much closer to final on the first draft of your drawings. Finish your projects faster so that you can start new projects sooner with the Holt Design Toolkit.


What happens after the 30-day free trial? 

After your 30-day free trial has ended, return to this page and hit the Subscribe Now button, and you will be prompted for payment information to begin your subscription.


版本 1.1, 2021/9/13
Updates: Added SSL Certificate Checkwire now checks for wires with a Z-space value other than 0. Increment Attribute Hame now increments attributes with a suffix value A-Z, meant that the letter at the end of the attribute is ignored and not incremented. Reorder Attdef: Bug fix related to certain components with terminals (or related attributes) greater than TERM33 not reordering correctly.



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