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How valuable is Joist2K? Think about it this way: Do you REALLY have time to take out the Joist.

Manufacturer’s catalogue and look up the dimensional data needed to create a Bar Joist?

Why spend 15 to 20 minutes creating a Bar Joist when you could do the same thing in 30 seconds by using the Joist2K program?

How much extra time do you have to create blocks, insert them and modify them after insertion to fit the details?

With Joist2K, you can replace 100’s 2D and 3D of blocks - which you need to complete your plans, wall sections and details all in one convenient dialog interface.

No more searching through pull-down menus.

No more looking through toolbars for the right detail.

Joist2K Steel Joist & Girder Series module includes the K, VS, LH and DLH Series and Joist Girders.


The installer is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2012 to 2022 (including other vertical products).

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Verze 11.0.0, 24.03.2021
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  • Best solids joist maker
    Herman Wolfe | dubna 22, 2021

    I'm always looking for the best 3D representation in my architectural modeling. THis is by far the BEST program to get raelistic and easy to load objects. KUDOS to the company and developer!

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