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BlackBox AutoPublish

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BlackBox AutoPublish for Autodesk® AutoCAD® allows users to AUTOPUBLISH only the drawing(s) they want.


Avoid unnecessary plots of master files, models, or external references when AUTOPUBLISH is executed at Save, or Close (depending on user settings). Simply configure AUTOPUBLISH as desired, and then use the BBOXAUTOPUBLISH command to enter a profile-specific, case-sensitive WCMATCH string, which is compared against the active drawing's folder (the DWGPREFIX), and the file naming convention of the drawing itself (the DWGNAME), in order to allow (or disallow) the built-in AUTOPUBLISH functionality accordingly.


Please note that a default value of "*.*" is used on first run, which allows for all drawings (same as OOTB support), and must be changed before this plug-in will begin to disallow drawings which do not meet the entered criteria.


As an example, given a drawing: "C:\MyCAD\MySheetDrawing.dwg", a WCMATCH string of "*\MyCAD\*" will not only allow "MySheetDrawing.dwg", but also any other drawings saved in this folder (even External References [XREFs]). If both "MySheetDrawing.dwg", and its dependent XREF "MyXrefDrawing.dwg" reside in the same folder, a WCMATCH string of "*\MyCAD\*Sheet*.dwg" would only allow drawings located in ..\MyCAD\ that contains "Sheet" in the file name to be published via your AUTOPUBLISH settings. 

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Verze 2.1.0, 05.04.2021
Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2015-2022 now supported.

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  • Excellent app!
    Colby Feasby | listopadu 29, 2016 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    Works as described, in my opinion much better solution than a "watch folder to pdf" program. Had some issues with installing on 2017 but the creator stuck with it and saw it all the way through. A++ tech support.

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