Count Blocks 2020

Count Blocks 2020

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This app counts blocks, including dynamic anonymous blocks, inserted in the drawing and copies the data to the clipboard. You can count blocks in the entire drawing, the current space/layout or in the selected objects. This app includes the block's description (if available within the Block Definition). Once the data is copied to the clipboard it can be pasted back into the drawing as MText or into external applications such as Excel. This block's data can be used to do a Material Take Off (MTO) or to simply start building a Bill of Materials (BOM).

The app supports Autodesk® AutoCAD® version 2020

Tags: Count , Blocks , Anonymous, Clipboard , Material Take Off , Bill of Materials

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Informace o této verzi

Verze 2020.0.0.0, 05.07.2019
Initial release supporting AutoCAD 2020.

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  • option to insert block preview and auto updated counts
    Richard Lim | dubna 28, 2020

    would be nice if can have as an option to include the preview of the block and autodates the table if the counts change from the drawing.

    William Klawitter (Vydavatel) | května 08, 2020

    Thank you Richard. We've actually developed some of these features in our Count Blocks 2021 app and we do plan to update the previous versions later this year including 2020. Obtaining the preview however is not included in these update plans at this time but we'll add it to our suggestions list for future development!

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