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DynamicSequence is designed to perform sequent changes to certain content parts (digits or indicated characters) of annotations. It can be a very useful and fast utility while filling indexes in tables. DynamicSequence contains two different parts which focus on different ways to build sequent contents:


  • DynamicSequence-Numeric

    DynamicSequence-Numeric will not only duplicate easy sequent annotations such as X1, X2......Xn with the rule of adding one step at each time, but also support simple mathematic calculations to the digits each time. Both the calculation value and result precision are controllable parameters.
    Furthermore, DynamicSequence-Numeric supports Addition, Subtract, Multiple and Divide calculations to one or many numbers.

  • DynamicSequence-Alphabetical

    DynamicSequence-Alphabetical can generate sequent characters and only supports one character change. The change can descend or ascend, the character jumping step can be set within the dialog too. 


DynamicSequence supports two duplication modes: Free Copy and Liner Array. While in Liner Array mode, the program will automatically in dynamic mode. You can move the mouse around to get a dynamic result and confirm when it is what we want. There is also a virtual ruler along the array line to provide better recognition, the ruler color can be set from the dialog. During the dynamic running, you can use the hot key [D] to get a chance to change the array distance. 


DynamicSequence is shareware and locked by RegisterShell for VLDCL in 30-days-trial mode. The products can run in trial mode with full functions for 30 days after the first calling date. The only inconvenience is that the RegisterShell will appear each time invoking the products. After the expiration date, the products will be locked permanently and only registration can activate it again. The registration will disable the compulsory appearance of RegisterShell.

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Verze 2.5.5, 21.03.2017
Added latest support Supports Weekly Rental Service in China. Remove Kagi Store link as Kagi has terminated the service.

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