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This app will square off Autodesk® AutoCAD® polyline entities and remove redundant vertices along individual edges. Such polylines usually originate from field survey data due to random errors/imperfections in the measurements. The app will generate new entities, the original polyline objects are not modified and are available for comparison with the end result. Adjustment parameters such as Angle and Dist tolerances provide user control over how aggressive the "repair" process should be.


Note that the app will refuse to operate on non-closed polylines. If an angle is encountered exceeding the angle tolerance the repair will abort, ie on buildings with non-square sides. 

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Version 2023.6.12.1, 01.08.2023
Initial Release

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  • Useful app
    Dung Le Van | September 10, 2023 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Thank Todor for your tiny but useful Apps.

  • Good concept, needs tuning
    Dylan Warren | August 29, 2023 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I am having some trouble getting this app to work - is it user error? The polyline would not 'repair' until I first rotated it off axis, which seems like a bug or an unnecessary step.  Then it squared itself out as advertised.

    I think this tool would be especially useful if the output tollerance could be changed. For example, if the poiyline generated would have its revised lengths to a 1/16" rather than an iregular decimal. 

    Todor Latev (Herausgeber) | August 31, 2023

    Would you be able to share the polyline you're having issues with, so I can investigate? Sounds like a bug, but I need to be able to reproduce it on my end in order to fix it

    Dylan Warren | August 31, 2023

    Dear Todor, Thanks for the quick response! I started with a rectangle and pulled 1 vertex off a bit to create the irregularity. It was essentially just a test polyline. It worked after rotating the object, as i mentioned. Is this enough info?

    Todor Latev (Herausgeber) | September 02, 2023

    Unfortunately it is not enough as Im unable to reproduce the behavior you seem to be experiencing. When I draw a horizontal rectangle and stretch a vertex a bit the app functions normally and creates a squared off rectangle. Ill need exact coordinates of the pline you're working with which is causing the problem, also app settings and dwg units. Would you be able to email me a test dwg with the linework?

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