Cypa21 (en)

Cypa21 (en)




This is a convenient plug-in for encryption of lsp files.


Key features Cypa21:

• Removes all user comments in the program.
• Converts a line-by-line code in one continuous line.
• Encrypts all custom function names.
• Encrypts all user-defined variable names.
• Encrypts all user-defined text strings in the program code.
• Queries the user .txt file (with any name) with a list of functions/strings (specify not just the names of the functions, namely certain of the beginning of the string in quotation marks) that you want to remove from the program code (e.g. "print" - that is, will delete all rows with the same head, etc., in a column in quotes).

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Version 1.0.0, 12.12.2017
Added 2017 support.

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