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MeteorSpec is a multi-purpose tool, so it can be configured to use in any field of design where calculation of total lengths and total areas is needed. The program works with any measurement units which you can set globally or individually per drawing. 


The main feature of this plugin is that you can assign data to polylines you want to calculate. This allows you to not just get a total length or area, but see it in the form of detailed report.


MeteorSpec has a Data Library where all the data about the objects you use are saved. All objects are separated in categories and groups, so it’s very easy to manage them. Just write there the necessary grades and types that you plan to use now and in the future. 


MeteorSpec can generate reports as specifications (summarized lengths and areas per object type) or as explications (list of all objects with detailed information). Report can be inserted in current drawing as text table or Autodesk® AutoCAD® table, or optionally can be saved as external text file.


The software is recommended to AutoCAD users who work in a field of power supplies, communication, computer networks, water supplies and sewages, architecture, road construction etc.


For activation please enter the license key from the email you received from us. Licence information will be sent to an email address connected to your PayPal account and it can take up to 1 hour until you receive it. If you can't find an email with license information then contact us by writing to You can still use MeteorSpec for 5 days without entering the license key.


You can always try trial version to test all features of MeteorSpec.

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Version 2.0, 31.03.2017
Added 2018 support

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  • Usefull add for pipeline engineers
    Aleksandr Ledvanov | Mai 10, 2015 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Very useful. We specialize in heat and gas supply systems design. We use this plugin for calculation of areas for surface reconstruction after excavation works when designing underground piping systems.

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