Complete Corner

Complete Corner

Marek Seps



The application complements the beveled corner. It's useful for the dimensioning of beveled edges, which have no obvious beginning.



  • It works with lines and polylines.
  • You can specify your own layer (for example non-plot help layer), or you can use the current layer.
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Version 1.03, 15.05.2018
Added 2019 support (No change in version number).

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  • GOOD work bro!
    Pramod Pandit | Juli 15, 2018 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    The layer doenst not change instead it is always white no matter what the current layer is,,,

    Marek Šeps (Herausgeber) | Juli 20, 2018

    Hi, so if I understand, if you dont have your desired layer in drawing, the program create a layer, but it is always white?

    Pramod Pandit | August 04, 2018

    Please use complete corner plugin for different layer i.e layer other than white...then i guess you'll understand...

  • buena
    Raul Huaman | April 15, 2018

    exelente aporte

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