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Autodesk® AutoCAD® find and replace function is a powerful staple; however it only works on the drawing you have open. 

FRTX extends that power to an entire folder of drawings.

Have you ever had to change a note on a drawing? What if that note is shown on dozens of drawings?

Have you or your designers or engineers ever made a typo? What if that typo is shown on dozens of drawings?

Opening and fixing that text in all those drawings could take the designer hours upon hours.

FRTX will do that work in a matter of seconds, not hours. 


What all can this tool do? 

  • Find and replace across multiple drawings at once.
  • Match search strings intelligently with whole word detection.
  • Edit results individually in place, in the dialog.
  • Repath and rename XREFs using find and replace.

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Version 1.0.0, 27.03.2019
Added 2020 support

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  • add option for model and layout and block
    Manesh Puthiyedath | April 27, 2022

    DEar sir,

    Plz add option for model space and layout space and block in your program.

    sometine only find and repalce in model , sometime layout and some time in block only.

    hope you understand sir.


    Can we copy paste from excel find string and replace string?

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