Users of Sawing Table plug-in conveyed me they usually not require to give sensible names for each part. It is enough to get them digits instead of the name. These digits will look good in the assembly drawing on Smart Leader as the part number. But need to have the same parts have the same digital name. In order to save time on the assignment of numbers to parts and I was written this plug-in. New AutoCAD command AVCNum will help speed up the work to those who already use plugins Lay, Sawing Table, Smart Leader and Names.


The command prompts the user to select solids (parts designed product) measurements them, sorts them by size and gives each name in the form of numbers. Solid having the same size is given the same name. The sort order will be exactly the same as you have set up the command "Sawing Table". On your request parts can be grouped by layer and color. The program allows you to specify the starting part number and name format (you can add leading zeros to all numbers). The program can skip the details, which you have assigned non-numeric name using the plug-in "Names".


Using this program you can guarantee that the parts will be the same names on the plugin Lay, Sawing Table and Smart Leader. But the program will be useful even if you have only one of these plug-ins. Availability plug-in «Names» are not necessarily.


If you have a plug-in “Names” you can edit the name of each part by hand. And also you can quickly identify the same parts by name, using standard AutoCAD command QSelect.

The program also included SNN (Select-No-Name) command to search for objects that accidentally forgot to name.

The program works only with solids, ignores blocks and 2D drawings.


According to your request I can optimize the program for the standards of your company. Offer your price.



Plugin compatible with AutoCAD 2012 – 2018 x32 and x64. Tested on AutoCAD Mechanical, but all over vertical must work. There is a English and Russian localization.


Trial version:

Download archive  AVC_Numbering_n_n.7z 
You can use this software without time limits. But activating window will periodically appear on the screen. To disable it you can donate 
$5 and I will give you an activation key.


The first call to any command, you will see an activation window. Enter your e-mail, select the license and click one of the donation buttons. I'll send you an activation key, as quickly as I can.

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Version 2017.3, 21.04.2017
• Compatible with AutoCAD 2018 • Updated Tecnology property for Solid • Decreased accuracy of asymmetry of solid • New version numbering • Fixed: solids were sometimes mistakenly considered different • New activation window

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  • Quick!
    Brian Mac | Januar 25, 2018 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Good way to quickly label parts when used with Lay/Names addons. One thing i noticed that causes issues is that when i have parts that have common sizes but has different hole cuts, are counted as the same number. So that kind of defeats the purpose for how I label parts for my CNC.

    Alexandr Chernishev (Herausgeber) | Januar 30, 2018

    Hello Brian, A properly tuned plug-in distinguishes solids with different holes in 99.9% of cases. Different numbers are assigned to solids with different metrics. Details you can read here and here If you still have problems, be sure to send me your solids and I'll tell you how to set up the program in your case.

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