AutoRoomLabel Trial

AutoRoomLabel Trial

Antonia Petrova



AutoRoomLabel Trial is a 15-days trial version of the plug-in AutoRoomLabel. It allows one-click insertion of labels with the name, number, area and perimeter of rooms. The area and perimeter values are associated with the drawing and are automatically updated if the geometry of the corresponding room is changed. A Room Schedule using the data from the labels and predefined info about the room finish matherials could be inserted in the drawing.


How does AutoRoomLabel Toolbar work? - video

Using AutoRoomLabel Toolbar in a real project - video

What's new? - Automatic Room Schedules - video 

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Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 2.0.2, 26.03.2020
2021 update. No change in version number.

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  • Realy good plugin!
    Dinka Aleksandrova | November 03, 2015

    Realy good plugin!

  • Thank you!
    Emil Bashev | Oktober 25, 2015

    Thank you!

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