Plugin radically accelerates all works with 3D design furniture, woodworking or any other products with a lot of holes.


Standard command "Subtract" requires to select each item individually and destroys subtracted solid. Because of this work unbearably long. Now you can select all the details and holes one frame, press button Drill and wait quietly until the program will do all the work itself. Program itself find details, find hole-solids (it must be on a special layer “Holes”) and subtract every hole. One hole can penetrate a lot of detail; you do not need to make copies of the subtracted solid. Details are not glued together (as does command Subtract).

If you are uncomfortable sharing the solids in layers, then in this case the program contains the command "Gap". It operates similarly to the conventional subtraction and requests two groups of solids.


In addition, the program can:

•        make the gap between the parts for easy locking.

•        subtract the solid hole from blocks.

•        keep subtrahend solid.

•        use pre-selected objects.

•        show the progress bar and display statistics to the console.

•        You can configure which layer will be used for the hole.

·         Program can query to select hole layer on each Drill command.


Plugin can work with 3D-solids only. It does not work with Meshes, Surfaces.

According to your request I can optimize the program for the standards of your company. Offer your price.




Plugin compatible with AutoCAD 2012–2018, x32 and x64. Tested on AutoCAD Mechanical, but all over vertical must work. There is an English, Italian and Russian localization.


Trial version:


 You can use this software without time limits. But activating window will periodically appear on the screen. To disable it you can donate $10 and I will give you an activation key.

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Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 2017.3, 23.03.2018
• Compatible with AutoCAD 2019 • New version numbering • New activation window

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  • ottimo strumento!!!
    Paolo Coter | November 13, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    è uno degli stumenti migliori che un progettista di mobili possa desiderare... Magnifico! ... talmente bello che ho deciso di dare il mio contributo traducendolo in Italiano... Grazie Alexandr ..

    Alexandr Chernishev (Herausgeber) | November 14, 2016

    Paolo, grazie mille per la partecipazione attiva!

  • Super !
    Viktor Nickel | August 31, 2015

    Могу только присоединится к выше сказанному. Я купил все Plug-in от Александра.Конструирую почти только с ними. Programme ist einfach in Bedienung. Genial in Funktion. Vereinfacht gesamte Produktionszeit. Vielen Dank Alexander !!!!

  • Революционный инструмент для конструктора мебельщика.
    Андрей Платковский | Juli 27, 2015

    Очень удобный инструмент, мое мнение каждый конструктор мебельщик должен иметь на вооружении.

  • comment
    Levi Levin | Oktober 24, 2014

    An indispensable tool for designers of furniture. Greatly speeds up the work!

  • Очень нужный инструмент!!!
    Александр Харченко | Oktober 13, 2014 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Очень нужный инструмент, особенно для конструктора по мебели, в разы ускоряет процесс присадки. Спасибо.

  • Great! All advise
    Dolbany Alex | September 30, 2014 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    A bit annoying that you want to use a layer of holes. But I soon got used to it. There are no problems. Acceleration works great

  • Это реально работает!
    Olga N | September 30, 2014 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    На такие штуки подсаживаешься на 5 мин. Стандартным вычитанием больше не пользуюсь вообще

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