Sends current file path to local ManicTime installation. 


You need to have a ManicTime client installed on your machine, as this app operates exclusively with locally installed instances of ManicTime (

And your data remains secure and within your computer.


The app sends the currently active file path to your locally installed ManicTime application every 20 seconds or when the currently active file changes.


It integrates Autodesk® AutoCAD® data into the ManicTime document timeline, which can help with efficient time tracking and monitoring of your project's progress.


It offers an alternative method for retrieving data from AutoCAD, the ManicTime app provides a stable and reliable solution, as the native AutoCAD plugin shipped with ManicTime can be unstable for some users.


This ensures a reliable integration for a smooth time management experience. 


To use the plugin you need to have ManicTime installed.

Just download the app here:

When the app starts you select "Use ManicTime on this machine only (includes Free option)" and then you can select the Professional (trial) or Standard (free) option.

If you select the Standard (free) option there will also be a warning for disabled features but you just click Yes.

When the plugin is installed it should start sending the path of the current active file after a couple of minutes.

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Versión 1.0.0, 17/05/2024
Initial release

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