ArchVision RPC Entourage Starter Pack

ArchVision RPC Entourage Starter Pack

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The ArchVision RPC Starter Pack for Autodesk® supported applications included. 100+ FREE RPC Objects available for immediate drag & drop into Autodesk® Revit® (2013 & later), Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Autodesk® 3ds Max®.  NOTE: ALL FREE RPC OBJECTS for AutoCAD and 3ds Max can be found on the Revit tab. 


1000's more additional pieces of RPC content are included with the purchase of an annual fixed or floating license. Visit the ArchVision website for more details.  


RPC Plug-ins  provide the ability to place, edit, create, and render all types of RPC People, Trees, Cars and Object content. Delivered through ArchVision Dashboard, you may download RPC Plug-ins for Autodesk products including demo versions for supported applications.


Supported applications include:

Autodesk® Revit®,

Autodesk® AutoCAD®,

Autodesk® 3ds Max®,

Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design


Note:  Since this app can be used with multiple Autodesk products, this app uses its custom installer and not the Autodesk App Store standard installer.

Acerca de esta versión

Versión, 22/08/2018
New RPC office clutter added to Objects Channel. New RPC vehicles added to Automobiles Channel. RPC Plug-ins for Autodesk® Autodesk® 2018 products added.

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  • Cannot use content in Revit 2018
    Sergio Jimenez | octubre 27, 2020 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    I downloaded and installed the plug-in for Revit 2018 but I cannot make use of any of the content, not event use the "Grab and Drop" feature. Do you need to buy the software to make use of the sample objects? Thank you.

    Evan_煜明 Chen_陳 | marzo 08, 2021


  • Once again mislead by some "smart" company.
    Thiago Zaldini | agosto 10, 2018 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    The are NO new RPC content for REVIT. This APP should be forbidden to advertise as so!!!! 

    Archvision Support (Editor) | agosto 17, 2018

    Hello Thiago, You are correct all of the sample content in this trial version is included in Revit. This content is not accessible other applications. I will make it a priority to add some new and unique content to our sample pack.

    Mmk77 Mmk77 | agosto 24, 2018

    tank you

  • Fooled Again
    Travis Harrison | agosto 03, 2018 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    I really wish I had read the comments before I wasted the time to install a plug-in that was advertised as "free" with "free content" with AutoScam license.  All it does is download the plugin which tells you to purchase license for content.  Thanks AutoDesk, now I have yet another useless plugin on my menu bar.  Rule of thumb, if it's from Autodesk, its a waste of time unless you can pay to play.  As if we do not do enough of that already.

    Archvision Support (Editor) | agosto 17, 2018

    Hello Travis. There was a bug with our authentication system that prevented new accounts, early July 2018 until now, to be properly created to access the free content in the Revit Samples channel in Dashboard. Despite the channel the RPC Samples can be used in AutoCAD and 3ds max as well.

  • NOT a Free Starter Pack
    Michael Pipkins | noviembre 01, 2017 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Not a starter pack with free content. "Free" implies that you can actually use a limited amount of product without watermarks. Free to download and install but that's about it. Also annoyed that it created it's own tab instead of grouping with other Add-Ons. Now struggling with how to uninstall the thing. Lesson to content providers ... be honest with your advertising or face harsh criticism and crappy reviews.

    Travis Harrison | agosto 03, 2018

    I just submitted a bad review. It was worth my time as opposed to downloading a dead app that only awakens with more cash.

  • License
    Hasan Nil | noviembre 01, 2017 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    how can i get license number????

    Archvision Support (Editor) | noviembre 08, 2017

    Hello Hasan. RPC licenses can be purchased at

  • need a create own licence
    Richard Norrish | septiembre 14, 2017 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    the idea is good and the pay to use library is OK but not too much content I need. If I'm creating my own content why should i pay the full licence? A creators licence requested with no pay to use content available and id be back today

  • Watermarks - Content NOT FREE
    Tamiko Acuna | agosto 17, 2017 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    The title is misleading - yes it is free to download and presents the software's capabilities well but all the content is pay-to-use in the sense that it is unusable due to watermarks. The free un-watermarked content referenced in the "Revit Samples" section are all already OOTB with Revit so there is no need to even "sample" this program. Autodesk mentions the watermarks briefly here : *ArchVision needs to be more clear about this in the description.

  • Archivision doesnot run.
    Bikesh Shrestha | noviembre 02, 2016 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    When i open archivision, it shows busy sign for a while and then nothing happens.

    Archvision Support (Editor) | noviembre 03, 2016

    Sorry to hear you're having difficulties getting the ArchVision Dashboard installed and running properly. Please visit and create a support ticket and ArchVision's team will work to find a solution.

  • nice...........nice
    Aadil Manekiya | julio 01, 2016 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    good it FREE ArchVision RPC Entourage Starter Pack

    Sabina Rma | febrero 09, 2016 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Why do you offer this Revit RPC samples for free, when they are already in Revit Libraries? I Would prefer some new RPC files that are not already in Revit???

  • Good content, but how do you get rid of the watermark?
    Sherry Evans | noviembre 10, 2015 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    I have an annual Autodesk license, how do I get the watermark to disappear?

  • Too CPU-hungry
    Andreas Dieckmann | mayo 15, 2015 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    This addin caused my CPU to be constantly at 25% when Revit was idle. Had to remove it. (Tested in Revit 2015)

    Jon Anderson | mayo 18, 2015

    Neither the ArchVision Dashboard nor the RPC Plug-in for Revit should require very much CPU especially when idle. If it is using CPU when Idle then there must be some other variable causing this. Please visit and create a support ticket and ArchVision's team will work to find a solution for this.

  • Watermarks
    Jakob Jans | abril 06, 2015 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    I still have watermarks in my rendering max 2015?

    Zach Jones | abril 07, 2015

    Hello Jakob, The content downloaded via the Dashboard will have a watermark until you purchase an ArchVision Software License. Please contact for more information. Thanks, ArchVision Team

    Archvision Support (Editor) | abril 08, 2015

    Jakob - The 100+ RPCs that show up in the Dashboard in the "Revit Samples" Channel should display in Revit, 3ds Max and Autocad without a watermark. Additional RPCs that can be download in the Dashboard will render with a watermark if a license is not present. If you are experiencing watermarks on the sample content please contact ArchVision Customer Support - and we will be glad to assist you.

  • Proxy
    Владимир Грачев | diciembre 11, 2014 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    There is not a possibility to set proxy server.

  • I like Autodesk
    Moustafa Benziada | octubre 25, 2014 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Archivision is the perfect program for a quiquely & nice finishing of project

    JULIO ARTURO | mayo 13, 2014 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)


  • It is the best site that can help you, in a lot of designs & building trades
    Alvin Cooper | marzo 29, 2014 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    It is the best site that can help you in the design of there product, and can also help in building designs

    Juan Hernandez | abril 29, 2014

    porque no se puede abrir el programa en mi pc? lo instalo y lo desinstalo y me aparese lo mismo solo

  • es una edición de muchisima ayuda para confeccionar los planos
    MAX BARDALES | octubre 28, 2012 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    exelentememte operativo

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