Find objects by Name

Find objects by Name

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FindName command allows you to quickly find objects with a given name in a drawing. The name can be assigned to the parts using the A>V>C> Properties Palette, the numbering command AvcNum, or it can be a common name of a block or attribute. The command complements the capabilities of the standard _QSelect quick selection command, in which it is not possible to search for the names of solids specified in the A>V>C> plugins. 


FindName command capabilities:

  • Three search fields: Name, Kind, Description
  • Search among selected objects, search in the entire model, or search among visible objects in the viewport
  • Search for any type of objects that have a name. The A>V>C> Properties Palette allows you to name almost any drawing object. Common block names and attribute tags will also be found.
  • Search within blocks. Blocks containing at least one matching object will be selected. Including nested blocks, and dynamic blocks.
  • Search by exact match or by mask with special characters * and ?
  • You can not enter the name/kind for search but choose from the drop-down lists. The program will show all the names and kinds of drawings in the lists.
  • You can select one exemplary object to search for the same name.
  • You can search for objects that have not yet been named.
  • You can filter out unnecessary objects: annotation and annotative blocks. You can filter objects by type, by layer, and by linetype. You can only select parts with specified manufacturing techniques.
  • You can hide all drawing objects except suitable ones (see Inverting visibility)
  • Also, the “Select NoName” (SNN) command may be useful for you to search for objects that you forgot to give a name by mistake.
  • Regardless of the Autodesk® AutoCAD® language, you can switch the plugin's dialogs and messages into the following languages: English, German, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

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Versione 2024.03.00, 08/03/2024
Initial release

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