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AreaMarker is an app for Autodesk® AutoCAD®. You can use it to get areas of CAD objects and regions quickly and mark the results in the drawing, then you can also export the results to CAD Table or Excel.

You can start AreaMarker by the main shortcut “FF”, which is the most easiest and recommended way.

And you can also start AreaMarker with the following shortcuts,





Singe Mode

Select single object one by one and specify a point for area mark


Multiple Mode

Select multiple objects to mark all areas at once


Internal Point Mode

Pick internal point to mark area in the center



Select areas to create a table or export results to Excel



Options and settings

  • By picking an internal point, AreaMarker will automatically generate the boundary and mark the area at the center point;
  • By selecting objects in AutoCAD, AreaMarker will mark areas at the center points;
  • You can also export the results to Excel after marking;


You can refer to "AreaMarker Manual EN" and below screemshoots and videos.


Supported versions: The app supports Autodesk AutoCAD 2015 - 2018.



a) Before starting to use "internal point mode", the user probably needs to clean the dwg first (Purge the dwg & layoff the lines in the area...etc.). It is same with the command "Hatch". If the user cannot HATCH the area, then the user will also not able to mark it.

b) The "internal point mode" will generate boundaries. "Single mode" & "Multiple mode" modes are used to mark areas for existing objects (Circle/Ellipse/Polyline/Region/Hatch).


*If the app does not work or you need personal design changes, please feel free to contact me at any time.:)

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 2.05.1, 13/03/2018
Added 2019 support

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  • Convinient
    liu | gennaio 20, 2020

    Very convinient for our daily design.Hope you can update more plugins. 

  • 好用
    Jenny Chiang | gennaio 04, 2018 Download verificato (Guida rapida)


  • Amazing tool
    Zhou Tong | novembre 17, 2017

    When you start to use it,you will realize how convinient this app is. Only several stroke, it saves many hours compared with if you use traditional commands. Worth more 1.99 USD!

  • Very good
    Huang chunyu | novembre 17, 2017

    The app is very good 非常好用

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