Draw Rail, Post and Picket

Draw Rail, Post and Picket

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This is a tool for use with Autodesk® AutoCAD®. It can be used to draw a rail, post, and picket within the user interface. It produces a 2D drawing with simple value entry and clicks.

Command name: RPP

  • With this tool bottom and top rails are provided with vertical posts.
  • You can add a Middle rail if required. You can set different sizes for each Rail (Bottom, Middle, and Top) and Post & Picket.
  • Post gap and Picket gap will be calculated automatically with the given Maximum allowed gap of Post and Picket gap.
  • User Interface allows you to Set the Post Size of the Top Post, Middle Post, and Bottom Post.
  • Users need to select the base reference line to prepare rails, can set the post gap and picket gap with picket size and post size.
  • All settings are done through the user interface form.

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Versione 1.26, 12/04/2024
First Release

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