Overall Dimensions

Overall Dimensions

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The plug-in contains one command: Overall Dimensions (DimOverall), which will help you speed up the size setting. You can put 2 dimensions of all selected parts by pressing just one button.

Features of the program:

  • Works with solids or closed contours from any curves.
  • It delivers 2 dimensions for each part - the dimension along the X axis and the dimension along the Y axis.
  • The extension lines reach the contour of the part.
  • Can work in model space or on layout.
  • It can itself find the parts visible through the viewport.
  • When working in the model, it arranges dimensions in the XY plane of the user coordinate system (UCS)
  • Sets the current dimension style and the MD_Annotation layer to the dimensions.
  • Works with annotative dimension styles.
  • Ignores non-closed contours, contours inside other contours, contours on layers MD_Hidden, MD_Hatching, Center, annotation layers and other annotation objects.

The Overall Dimension command is also part of the plug-in CNC Prepare.
Many settings of the plug-in CNC Prepare affect the operation of this command (layer management, dimension style, etc.). In a separate plug-in, only the default settings work. There is no possibility of adjusting the behavior of the command.


Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 2021.11.03, 25/01/2022
The first version of the new licensing system. Communication with the A>V>C> database server. New A>V>C Options Palette instead of the settings dialog.

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