Model Space PDF-conveyor (Trial version)

Model Space PDF-conveyor (Trial version)

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This Plug-in will assist you in automated print of rectangular areas in model space to PDF by using printer 'Dwg To Pdf.pc3' with format 'full bleed' and a compression ratio of about 1.005.

Print of standard and non-standard paper sizes.

The plug-in allows you to choose the style sheet and change the scale.

Optionally prints all pages in one file or every page into a single file.

Limits of the size of the output pdf-page is 1682x2378 mm.

Sort priority of rectangles - first horizontally, then vertically.

Trial version has no time limits, but is unable to choose the style sheet.

Full version is available here.
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Versione 1.0.1, 12/04/2016

Added 2017 support

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  • nice app
    muhammad arshad | novembre 27, 2017

    good and halpful thanks

  • save time
    Manoj Kumar | aprile 11, 2016 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    nice very useful application

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