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Evolve FM™ is a high-performance solution for managing and sharing your facility drawings and data in real time. It delivers facility information via a simple and intuitive browser interface through your organization’s intranet, corporate network, or the internet via a web server. Evolve FM includes everything you need to deploy a robust web application for viewing your intelligent facilities drawings, data and reports. Evolve FM is easy to learn and use - even for the most technically challenged. Evolve FM lets you control who has access to your facility drawings and information; user logins control who has access to what data and functions. There is no complicated software to learn or programming skills needed, thus minimizing training requirements. And costs are controlled by containing your technology investment.


Share & Distribute Information

Give anyone in the organization with a web browser self-service access to the most current facilities drawings, associated data and reports - or choose to control access to designated users. Evolve FM is packed with features that will streamline the facility management information sharing process. With Evolve FM you can rest assured that your users are always looking at the most current information.


Easy to Deploy

Evolve FM is a SaaS application accessed via your browser. Evolve FM provides access to your drawings for data querying, zooming, panning, and theming. The seamless integration of drawings and data presented in a live browser environment is a true breakthrough for sharing your facility information in real time with all those who need it. Evolve FM is offered via self-hosted or Software as a Service (SaaS) versions. With SaaS, you can get started right away.



With so much of your vital facility information distributed over the web, you’re likely to be concerned about security. With Evolve FM you control which drawings, data, reports, and features are accessible to which users via a secure user login system.


Device Independent

Evolve FM works seamlessly on any browser enabled device. Access your data and drawings on your PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Android device.


Visit https://cafmresources.com for complete information. To access the Evolve FM playground site, use this link https://sandbox.evolvesw.com/app/evolvefm.html.

Login ID is free and password is trial.

Descrizione della versione di prova

Login ID is free, password is trial.

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 2.0.2021.8.1.000, 12/01/2022
This is the 18th version release of Evolve FM. We add features and improvements every 6 months in a continual process that ensures our users the best experience possible. To access a complete list of new features and enhancements, hit this link... https://app.box.com/s/u8h2estvlcoij72at4w6tgpf4bpuanhj.

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