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Mplot – the ultimate solution to automate your printing tasks with just a few clicks! If you find yourself spending too much time printing multiple drawings in Autodesk® AutoCAD®, look no further. Mplot streamlines your workflow, making the printing process efficient and hassle-free.


Key Features:

  1. Seamless Integration: Mplot seamlessly integrates into your AutoCAD environment, providing an intuitive interface identical to the AutoCAD plot dialog box. Familiarity meets enhanced functionality, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  2. Effortless Configuration: With Mplot, you can easily select your preferred plotter, plot style, and paper size. Whether you're dealing with standard or non-standard paper sizes, our plug-in adapts to your specific printing requirements. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to precision and consistency.
  3. Time-Saving Automation: Experience unparalleled efficiency as Mplot automates the printing process. Imagine the time you'll save with the ability to print multiple drawings in just a few clicks. Focus on your designs while Mplot takes care of the rest.
  4. Explore with Confidence: Curious to see how Mplot can transform your workflow? Dive in risk-free with our trial version, available for download on the Autodesk App Store. Take it for a test run, and discover the difference automation can make in your daily tasks.


Don't let printing complexities slow you down. Upgrade your printing experience with Mplot today – where automation meets precision, making every print count. 

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Versione 3.2.0, 11/10/2023
Update for AutoCAD 2024

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  • Can be further upgraded?
    thang nguyen | novembre 23, 2023

    i have a lot of drawings and my name frame block in that drawing is the same, is it possible to publish all the drawings by selecting print according to the name frame found on the model space, without me having to open it All those drawings should be repeated over and over again as the add in is doing

    Ahad Aliyev | agosto 09, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Works like magic! Option 2 is super speedy and comfy. Thanks for saving us tons of time. Our architect team is super grateful!

  • model spaces only?
    Asep Suryana | dicembre 13, 2022

    can i plot multiple sheet in one layout (paperspaces)?

    or only work on model space only?

    Hung Q.Nguyen (Autore) | dicembre 13, 2022

    yes, you can multiple sheets in one layout like plot in model, (you can install trial version to test first);appLang=en&os=Win64

  • MiniTool inside
    Hung Q.Nguyen | dicembre 18, 2020

    It may be useful to you....

    David Silau | novembre 21, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Very Very Helpfull and you explain with cleary how to use it

    Very recommended Plugin.

    I have lost some money to try other plugin But thank you just find what plugin I have need

    Thanks BRO

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