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ADS contains two multifunctional blocks - one for single- and one for double-leaf doors. Their dynamic grips allow them to be used for all kinds of doors - with different size, frame type (profile, outer and inner block, outer and inner corner), frame thickness, wall thickness, handing (left, right, swinging), signification if anti-panic hardware is provided for each leaf, opening angle for each leaf, different opening widths for double doors leaves, etc. All these properties are graphically marked and easy to control either with dynamic grips or from the Properties bar. Each door gets a label with its width (automatically generated), height and material (entered by the user) and ID (either automatically generated or user-defined). Light versions of the blocks (without frame type, frame thickness and hardware adjustments) are also provided.


From the ADS dialog the user can choose which properties to be listed in a Doors Schedule. There is an opportunity, according to these properties, for equal doors to be given equal IDs or each door to get a unique ID. Of course, a Doors Schedule can be made without changing the doors' IDs. A Doors Schedule (or an IDs manipulation only) can affect either the whole drawing or a selection. It includes all ADS blocks (both full and light versions) and takes into account mirrored and scaled items (handing of a mirrored block will be changed from left to right, for example).

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Versione 1.1.3, 26/03/2020
2021 update. No change in version number.

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  • Great application THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
    Nancy Berghold | giugno 06, 2016 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Works great with Feet and Inches.

  • clever blocks. And the program is great!
    Emo Bashev | aprile 13, 2016

    Clever blocks. And the program is great!

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