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Furniture designers and exhibition stand designers are often faced with the requirement to provide all the details in the form of flat contours in the DXF-file format. Although this technology was outdated long ago, modern CAM programs have learned how to make 2D milling programs for CNC machines right on solid details and straight from DWG. But people are conservative and DXF files are still needed. To fully automate this boring job, my DXF-export program was designed. You just need to draw a 3D model of furniture from solid parts.

The program itself will do the rest:

  • Find the same parts regardless of their location in space.
  • Lay out the details of the main plane in a flat plane XY.
  • Will write, if necessary, the title to every detail with a description of the material and quantity.
  • Will make flat contours of a detail, selections, dadoes, and drillings.
  • Assign layers to contours that are understood by popular CAM programs: BiesseWorks, BSolid, WoodWop, Thermwood
  • In the layer names, you can write down the milling depth, Z-position, drill diameters, any properties of detail, and any text, for example, tool number.
  • Replaces drilling contours with blocks as required, for example, WoodWop
  • Will create, if necessary, a rectangle in the size of the workpiece.
  • Multiplicates the contours by the number of items in the batch.
  • Save contours to DXF files
  • You can configure to save all the details in a single DXF file, or you can save all the details separately.
  • You can create subdirectories for the layers of the original solids, materials, colors, and thicknesses.
  • Already configured 8 CNC styles for different naming layers, different modes, and machines.
    • Milling Outside/Inside/Drilling
    • Milling Through/Inside
    • Milling Inlay
    • Milling Biesse BSolid CNI
    • Milling BiesseWorks TCH
    • Milling Homag WoodWOP (German or English layer names)
    • Milling Thermwood
    • Laser
  • You can customize all options in the dialog box and in the Autodesk® AutoCAD® settings window.

The program uses all the features of the Lay command: numbering parts, setting up headings, multiplying quantities, sorting parts, etc.

All the possibilities of optimization of contours, and rounding corners are also available, as in the Outside Loop program (OSL)
The program can interact with the A>V>C> Properties Palette. The name of the part and other properties of the solid can be used in the title, in the name of the subdirectory, and in the dxf-file name.

The program works only with 3d-solids and does not work with meshes, or surfaces. 

The program can pull out all parts (solids) from assembly blocks.

Just like the rest of the AutoCAD commands, my program in most cases will not be able to work with solids imported from other programs.

The program does not know how to directly control CNC machines, does not create control programs in G-codes, and does not assign machining modes and cutting tools. Only contours in DXF. You will have to use the CAM program installed on your machine. However, my program will save you from acquiring a separate full-fledged CAM.

The program is suitable for 2D and 2.5D milling or laser cutting. Sawing operations are not recognized now. Curved 3D surfaces are not machined.



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バージョン 2024.03.00, 2024/04/15
AutoCAD 2025 compatibility.


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